Ghost Mode Meet Ups


I thought it might be good to have a place to meet other players to help people play Ghost mode on their skill level, to help get achievements, and to hopefully cut down on the (pretty bad) problem of people quitting mid match.

So if you’re interested, list the following:

Platform: (PS4. XBox, PC)
User name:
Skill level:
What you’re looking for: (ie. someone to help get the achievements, a fairly even match)
Times you might be around: (plus time zone)

Hopefully people find this useful, and it can help the slower/not as advanced players get some fun matches or achieve the challenges. And it can help the super advanced players find other advanced players to give them a good match.


I’ll start!

Platform: PS4
User name: ragabashing
Skill level: Mid-range. Definitely not an expert or speedrunner, but fairly decent map knowledge.
What you’re looking for: I’d definitely like to find someone who’ll help me get the challenges by sitting back for a match and letting me take my time (which I’d reciprocate on), because I’m a horrible completionist but not good enough to get them on a standard match. I’d also be interested in just finding someone to generally play against.
Times I’ll be around: I’m on GMT, and I’m usually around in the afternoons. But a set time can be happily arranged.

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Sounds fun
Platform: PC
Username : Ü
Skill Level: Good but not speedrunner
Looking for: i actually want to play some matches with anyone really + it whould be a huge help if we could do accidental and explosive challange since that is all i need to get 100% on miami
Time zone: UTC +1:00


Sorry to spoil the fun:


Oh lovely! I didn’t see that, I’ll check that out.

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I would like to complete the accidental challenge.

Platform: PS4
Online ID: MacTonite88


@MacTonite88 I too need to complete the Accidental challenge. I’m assuming you’ve already completed it by now though, seeing how you posted back in December. If you haven’t though or would like to help me get it, send me a PS4 friend request at THGhost_2008.

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Actually, there is a third thread for that aswell, here;Hitman Multiplayer Match-Up Thread


YOU! You have been that guy who made my night a nightmare. :smiley: You and your damn coin in Santa Fortuna. Would be nice to match up again a few times! We could do the ghost mode challenges together.

I love this forum, especially in situations like these. :smiley:

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Just got Hold My Hair by pure luck and @MacTonite88 just helped me get Accidental. Thanks man. :sunglasses:


Im sort of confused but sure


I played a few rounds to get the phantom suit, and one of the matches was against you. You destroyed me by, I dont know, 1-5?

Should I add you in steam then, so we can plan out on getting these challenges?

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ok im down for it