Ghost Mode needs cheat protection


I’d been having fun with ghost mode up until this week and the game is now over run with cheaters.

I just watched someone running at 10x speed past me, shooting the target while it was in the middle of a crowd, getting no reaction from any AI and then super speed dragging the bodies around me just to show off

He’d get 4 kills to my 1 by flying back and forth over the map, then reduce his score on purpose and start dragging the bodies at super speed around me again

I should have recorded it, but I don’t usually bother having that running while I’m trying to be competitive



and more…

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I just hope there won’t be any cheaters in ghost mode. on PS4…

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Yea for PS4 the closest thing so far is using keyboard and mouse which isn’t a huge advantage



Have 5 confirmed cheaters:
haloandreas2, Orjan_Anderson, Gamer_Dad, androidbricker, Zodiac

Be on guard when playing them

Recent match with haloandreas2:

He’s obviously using invisibility, cuz there are bodyguards around some targets (not speaking about other NPCs) and he remains unnoticed in his suit + his kills unnoticed too.
And he used time (or speed) acceleration


jesus christ fuck these kids. cheaters have plagued online gaming, but i never thought cheaters would be so sad with their lives that they would cheat in HITMAN of all games. sadly, i don’t think there will ever be fully effective cheat protection. best thing IOI can do is come up with a clever way to make potential cheaters not want to cheat in the first place. or they can do what CSGO does: find a clever way to seperate cheaters from legit players, while having an anti-cheat system

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They can prevent playing online for piraters but can’t prevent cheaters?

Totally bullshit.

Also dafuq why u cheating a game like H2? There’s no way to gain profit also you have to pay at least 60 bucks.

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they can’t prevent piracy either. they can only persuade people not to pirate by creating a better experience for those who are connected online.

you cannot fully stop cheating because every day a new cheat gets added to the anticheat database, dozens of new cheats are created and released into the world. like i said, best thing IOI can do is think of a clever way to persuade people not to cheat



There’s must be a algorythm to detect them.

i.e “x gun has 8 ammo but player fired 12 ammo without reloading”



I think something can be done with the game process.
It can detect if some third-party app\process tries to interfere or interact with it.
As far as all the cheats are gathered in separate process, game could reject it or even close itself.
I think this is doable



Are these players Xbox One Players?



Are there cheats on consoles possible?



Not that I know of just making sure because I thought I recognized one of the names as Gamertags!! Plus I am an Ambassador for Xbox.



For last month or so I’ve played with some cheaters that uses something new, not a ‘regular’ trainer to cheat it Ghost Mode.
Just now I faced up with another cheater, who definetly uses some new trainer or bot or script, whatever.
Accelerating speed is not new, invisibility too, but teleporting and gaining attention to my dead targets is definetly new thing.
I assume it’s been created some program exclusively for Ghost Mode.
Cuz existing trainers does not allow to gain NPCs attention to dead targets. I’m not talking about ghost coins, this is definetly something new.
With specifically this last cheater I noticed teleporting from 2nd or even 3rd Kronshitdt building floor to the tunnels, behind me. In normal mode it can’t be that quick to reach me from such a distance in couple of seconds. Next step is NPCs turning to my direction after the kill moment so to body been found. He did that trick to me at least 3 times. I’m sure this is a cheating method cuz I’ve been in such a situations that other NPCs doesn’t have a clue of something is going on, but somehow magically they turning in my direction and see the target’s body I’ve just eliminated. I’m not a newbie in a Ghost Mode and know all the situations perfectly. Exactly this cases can’t be reproduced even with ghost coins. The range and distance is too big to effect in any way. More of that, while this is happening he wasn’t even close to me. He was more than 50-60 meters away and can’t throw a ghost coin.
I’m afraid there are new cheating methods appeared exclusively for Ghost Mode.
And something needs to be done with this



It’s only going to get worse with the new ghost mode items being added. Cheaters with unlimited ghost freeze and explosions being able to directly target you as a player. They’ll be able to switch from not just cheating but to directly targeting you so that you can’t even function.

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I said this in short I read about that new items



I played 4 matches today.

The first one somehow ran faster than me. (Not at superspeed, but faster than 47 would normally run.)
The second one had managed to drag the body without getting noticed by the AI.All this in the open, where he should have been caught.
The third one somehow messed up in the first 30 seconds; he died and quit right after it. (got two challenges unlocked by it.)
The fourth one was a really cool experience, we spendt a cool 30 minutes.



This is one of the reasons I much prefer consoles. I would have imagined there would have been safeguards put in place to detect unnatural gameplay (maybe there are but they’ve been bypassed); these types of players are absolutely toxic and I don’t support their right to breathe oxygen.

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You’re tough :slight_smile:
But somewhere I agree. Don’t you think consoles doesn’t have (couldn’t have) cheat(er)s?



Nah, I’m not that ignorant. I’ve come across cheaters on console but they’re usually few and far between (haven’t met any on Hitman yet, touch wood). Cheaters just seem to be far more prevalent on PC from what I’ve seen/heard/read.

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