Ghost Mode needs cheat protection

Yet another Ghost Mode cheater spotted.
Not even hiding. What an impudent
Nickname: jävla pyndare


Consoles these days are just modified mini computers, they even have hard drives and the only thing required to cheat is to know how to bypass the OS safeguards. In most cases this means physically modifying the console and/or plugging in an additional piece of hardware so yes, it’s much more rare to find cheaters because it takes some effort and a little bit of cost to do.

Compared to PC where anyone can just download a free program that does all of the bypass for you for free.

Technically it should be possible if IOI implement a Server side player values checker. Or even image verification (eg: “Pixel travel to detect 47 moving too fast”) but in those cases the network traffic load would increase.

Steam Anti-Cheat though might be sufficient although it is added expense for IOI.

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Is there any way to report an another player?

Yesterday I wanted to play ghost mode, but on PS4 I found nobody. Then on steam, I found a few people playing, so I was happy.

Now, there were clearly some shady bussinesses with the other players, such as:

  • the match was on 4-4 and the game was counting back to the next target; then suddenly, at 10sec, the game tells me, ‘the opponent killed the target’. Match ends, defeat.
  • the games repeating in every 5 seconds, ’ the opponent killed a non-target’. At the score panel, he had nothing written, but how many disguises he used and how many target he got killed.
  • the opponent was running way faster, than he should have…

The list could go on…I really want to have fun with these modes, but the snipermap servers seems to be empty, on ghost mode there are really just a few people and only on PC. (I just like to see, how people react to the same situation…that’s why I like to see other people playing Hitman)

if youre on steam, you can go to their steam profile by looking up their name and report them

Just write their nicknames here to be this thread like Wall of Shame.

And when you clearly see the opponent is cheating, just quit the match. Don’t give them reason to play.
I don’t know about other platforms, but on PC there are quite many players wanting for some race

For PS4 you can jailbreak maximum 5.05 version which there is no way to install H2 nor playing online since there is newer verisons (AFAIK online feature of PS4 needs latest firmware) and H2 requests never versions (IDK version but obviously newer than 5.05).

For Xbox One there is not a jailbreak so using a cheat is impossible.

If you consider using tools that simulating your keyboard-mouse as a controller, yes these plartforms have cheat though.

Using a cheat on Xbox One is not impossible, it’s just certain kinds that are prevented. It’s still possible to packet sniff and replace, it just requires a PC for the data interception. You can’t jailbreak the Xbox One, but you can replace packets in transit and cheat using an outside system.

In online games your Xbox has to communicate with a game server and in some cases even is the server (P2P matchmaking is very common). That means that the traffic between your console and the server or other players can not only be intercepted, but proxied and the packets can be changed/edited on the proxy. While this will increase ping, due to the time it takes to edit and proxy the traffic, it does allow essentially for what usually are client-side hacks, such as aimbots, wallhacks, teleporting, walking through walls ect. The effectiveness depends on how much of the game is processed client-side and how much the server trusts the game client. To do this a PC is required and a decent packet sniffer / editor. The hard thing is really to correctly program a packet edit to actually give you an advantage and not just crash the game

It’s also possible to hack the controller for tool assisted speedruns, but again it’s a PC doing the inputs and simply sending the data, it’s not an exploit being run on the xbox ones processor itself

None of these are common because they require a high degree of technical knowledge and a PC to perform the hacks, but it can and does happen. Claiming there’s no cheaters on the Xbox One is over simplifying the fact that there’s just less of them, but they do exist.

Cheaters became more cunning nowadays.
They use cheats e.g. super speed while they’re out of my sight.
When they appear in a line of sight they turn the cheats off like they’re clean and innocent.
But it’s hard not to notice they using cheats. Seems like they consider me an idiot. But they’re badly mistaken :slight_smile:

Not so many fast runners around now, but I still regularly get guys who run right up to the target and take them out in front of their bodyguard, if not loads more people, and still get the point. I still win against those people fairly often since they don’t know the maps very well and don’t get to some targets fast enough, but obviously even then it’s quite annoying. I really hope something can be done about it.


Thank you for the matches yesterday, you’re a great player, I had a lot a of fun.

Thank you as well. You’re good, not too many people can beat me when I’m playing well. Nice to get a challenge.:slightly_smiling_face:

Wwwooowww, cocky much?

No, he’s really good, I can confirm.
He and Hardware always give me hard times.
They both very good in Ghost Mode

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It’s not so much cockiness as observation really. I lose every once in a while, but aside from misterkiller and hardware I don’t get much of a challenge from almost anyone these days unless I mess up in a major way.
Sorry if that sounds cocky.
But the whole reason I said I liked playing hardware is that he did beat me, twice in a row, so obviously I don’t think I’m unbeatable.

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I know this is kind of off topic, but in the same vein of people who make playing the game really annoying, have you encountered a lot of rage quitting ? Because I get tons of it. And I don’t just mean a new player who’s pissed he’s against someone who knows what they’re doing, for example there’s this guy with the screen name “jensen” and I swear he ALWAYS quits out before I win, a literal second before if needed. It kinda spoils the fun to know I can either lose or not get to finish.

So let him be on the cusp of winning and do it back to him. Or don’t play against him at all… I dunno. Pick your level of spite.

That’s an interesting idea (the revenge), but I try to not be that sort of person honestly. Not playing against him makes sense but sometimes he’s the only one I can get a game against for a while. Also he’s just an example, loads of people quit all the time. Today I had 4 matches in a row end pretty fast because the other guys just left when they started losing. I get that I technically “win” when they do, by default, but I wish IOI could somehow discourage that type of behavior. Spoils the fun.

Would be my pleasure to rek you :+1:


Same here. Seems only you two are good players amongst those who play random matches regularly. Well, there are two or three more good players around, but they don’t give me that much troubles as both of you :slight_smile:

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