Ghost mode unavailable

I downloaded Hitman 2 and started playing ghost mode with no problem but after a few months of no play and after downloading the Legacy Pack to gain Hitman missions on Hitman 2 I get a ‘Get Access’ bar on the Ghost Mode. I was wondering how I get it back.

What platform are you on?
Ghost Mode is available for Miami and Santa Fortuna.
Make sure you have one or two locations installed and available for play.

I suggest to update a game, download/install required locations and verify files integrity.
Alternatively you can delete the game entirely and just make a full clean install.

Should work

Im on Xbox, after sending this I realised that all the Hitman 2 content wasn’t allowed access even though on the Xbox page it says all is installed, I am currently reinstalling everything now. Thanks

Edit: Its now all installed but before I uninstalled all the Hitman 2 maps were under there own download and now they have all disappeared. I can’t find them and reinstalled them so the only thing I can do when loading it up is look at the home screen. When I go to do anything it says I have to repay.

You should be able to initiate download from each maps’ page

Okay I’ll try

Nope, doesn’t work, I get sent to the Hitman 2 Gold Edition Page and told that Hawke’s bay and every other map isn’t sold separately. I do not want to pay £80 for a game I have already bought. :joy:

Edit: It seems the problems have started after I downloaded the Legacy Pack (so I could get my Hitman missions on Hitman 2). Im sorry if this is getting annoying I just don’t know what I am to do.

How about these things:

I would first of all like to say thank you for your help in this situation.
Secondly I would like to say sorry for wasting your time as it wasn’t until my brother reminded me we bought the disk version of Hitman 2 and not the online version did I realise that I couldn’t access the missions until the disk was in my Xbox. I am an utter idiot and really have really appreciated your help even though it would have never of worked.

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