God of War: Ragnarok


So stoked for this game. I can’t even describe this… what they have done for the God of War series is amazing.


Rebooting the setting and the gameplay while keeping the story intact was one of the most genius ideas Cory Barlog could’ve come up with kudos to him

It’s like what AssassinsCreed tried to do but failed miserably in my opinion


Do you guys see the world serpent on the end of the logo, I think that it’s gonna play a pretty major role in the sequel

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I have got to be the only person I know that hasn’t played the first one. I wasn’t fond of the others and this one never interested me. Still I am happy they are making the sequel for it.

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I’m looking forward to the sequel to God of War 2018. However this trailer didn’t really have an effect on me, other then “it’s coming in 2021, that’s nice”

I hoped for more, then just a teaser. It can’t be long before we get to see more.


For me it was the exact opposite, Kratos’s unmistakable voice, the slow carving of the symbol, and finally the promise of Ragnarok, this was the perfect teaser imho. I really wasn’t expecting another god of war until 2022 at the earliest :grinning:

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Oh yeah and I forgot to mention if that world serpent is who I think it is (Jorgmandur) then he is important to the story.

UNMARKED SPOILERS: He is the herald of Ragnarok. I didn’t mark it because it is ancient history in a literal sense.

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It is indeed the Midgard Serpent, so he holds quite important to the story and overall lore.

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What? Here I thought heralding the end of the world was more of a bit role.

Does that sound mean? That sounds more mean reading it than it does in my head.

Well it is a role he plays, like all of Lokie’s children. Ragnarok isn’t the end, Thor and some of the other gods children will live on after Ragnarok.


GOW 4 Spoilers:

Magni and Modi were fated to survive Ragnarok, look how that turned out lol, they are definitely taking liberties when it comes to the mythology

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Well Norse mythology in general takes a lot of liberties with itself. It isn’t set in stone, like the Bible.