GOG Release

IOI please do consider releasing Hitman3 (plus 1&2 as DLCs) for the GOG store.

I know it’s unrealistic releasing it for both stores and then having to support them at the same time, but maybe after the release and the final patch/update, I think it’d be much appreciated from DRM-free gamers like myself, to own the game there as well. I’d gladly buy it twice.

You should also include an offline-progress update as well for futureproofing the game in case any server issues happen.

Now that you are self-publishing with no publishers holding you back and having released the previous games in the series there, I think it would be a most welcome edition to their library.

In any case thank you for considering this and good luck with the release of Hitman3! Can’t wait to play it!

Any other PC users who prefer GOG as a store and would like to see a release there as well?


It’s not unrealistic at all, many companies do it.

All the other Hitman games are on GOG, but they came quite late. And they didn’t have the same heavy online features as the current trilogy. But obviously I’d be all for it and would buy it a second time in a heartbeat. GOG is like my seedbank for games, in case my other game versions somehow become incompatible or obsolete.

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What I’m more worried about is weather or not Epic Games tries to secure a one year exclusive deal. I’m all for a release on the GOG store as well as Steam.

Sorry if wrong topic, but Absolution is free at gog for 72 hours

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That’s good to hear, means IOI is still active and continues to deal with GOG
Makes me hopeful we will see a GOG version of Hitman 3 at some point. :smiley:

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