Goty legacy pack problem

I haveI bought and downloaded and installed all of the goty legacy pack and game of the year but I still cannot access it. And in the game they ask me to download it again and when I press go to Playstation stir I receive this message (there is no content-it might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale) !

HITMAN GOTY Legacy Pack is for HITMAN 2 not HITMAN 2016, download the HITMAN 2 Starter Pack in which you will have access to that content you purchased.

Yes, this thing won’t work with HITMAN 2016.
Only with HITMAN 2.
And you know why? Because Legacy Pack is just the same whole HITMAN 2016 game, but available through HITMAN 2 interface.
When you have HTMAN 2, you buy/redeem Legacy Pack and you can play all 12+ locations of two games under one roof.

So to use Legacy Pack you need to buy and install HITMAN 2 game.
If you already own HITMAN 2016, Legacy Pack will be free for you.

But if you already have HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 in your library and installed on your console, but still don’t have access to Legacy Pack it’s a completely different problem.
If you trying to launch HITMAN 2 for the very first time, you have to log into the game and quit it.
Then you have to launch HITMAN 2016 and play one or two regular missions from start to end and quit the game.
After that when you launch HITMAN 2 again, the system should recognize your right to obtain Legacy Pack and start downloading it automatically.

More detailed explanation of the process available here: