GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Why ?


No actually I think you’re right. That was my mistake. :sweat_smile:

Would be nice if that were possible though. Oh well.




this isn’t an eligible answer, doesn’t register in my book


Very nice!! Looking forward to it! :grin:



Well at first I thought the same. But I thought: “Now you can FAIL the missions upon being spotted, just like in some Escalations”. So I think we have to see how people use it.

Admittedly they went with a bunch of safe Restrictions and nothing too weird as these are already initial conditions that can occur in current Contracts Mode. The difference is they can now cause Mission Fail.


the only place where I see it useful is player made elusive contract


Isn’t an Elusive Target mode kind of a penalty for the author? Author does all this hardwork, but everybody can only play it once? :stuck_out_tongue:

From somebody whose first run on Featured Contracts occasionally start as Mass Murderer, having Spotted as a failure option would make a difference on ordinary Contracts. :slight_smile:

We have to also think of people not on your level. :slight_smile:


This is @GuLe speedrun wrecking your future contract:



You quoted the wrong person. :alien:


Same reason why there’s a “No Disguise change”, “Fixed Exit” or “Hide all Bodies” restriction. To “force” people to play the contract in a certain way.


Believe me this is not fun for anyone.


Options are always good. I think all of them are great, can help shape a contract focused on story, on speed or whatever the creator has in mind. Can’t wait to see some more additions to Contracts Mode.


Speak for yourself. If you can’t handle the heat, gtfo of my kitchen. I love @AGENT4T7 contracts.


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Cool beans.

  • Sad that we can’t use the new missions for Contarcts mode. Apparently it’s their “Dynamic Nature”… so we’ll see why that is. (Also, probably because these are just “Extra missions” like HH, not “Bonus missions”.)
  • Again, I find it strange how the special weapons are locked from being used anywhere in the game. you need to complete the Escalations first to unlock it. Why? Are they tied to the suits somehow?
  • Visual improvements look cool. I’m not one to look to the sky when I’m assassinating, but I think I will a whole lot more. Bangkok looks gorgeous.
  • Okay, now I wonder how long it’ll take until we get through all elusives again. If the Forger (the first target that was available for 2 days) is now 10 days, what about the other 27? 10 days each? One right after the other?
  • The new menu looks stunning. While I miss the red, having a lighting change is good. The Red and White looks great together, too. Looks very… Canadian.
  • This Elusive target coin is interesting. There’s 3 versions of it, and “Progress is measured against simply playing an Elusive Target contract, successfully completing any Elusive Target contract and earning the Silent Assassin rating on an ET contract.” I’ve done all 3 of those things at some point. So… do I get the SA coin? So the chance of each coin is based upon the restrictions of SA > Completed > Played… We’ll see on Tuesday, then.
  • Store tab? Okay. Don’t need it though, I’ll have all the content come Tuesday.
  • This “Trending” and “Last Week” contract lists seem cool. At least you can finally get some good contracts at random without having to do some trial and error searching for random stuff that may not exist. The search feature has a good revamp. I’ll have to get used to the new commands, though. Asterisks? Quotation Marks? Hyphens? That’s a lot of fine-tuning search results.
  • Complications are cool. This will really help diversify and legitimize contract runs for the Player Made Elusives. Not the Complication I wanted (steal/hack) but good either way.
  • Map colour change is nice. It’ll be so much easier to find where each target is now.
  • …We get an animated GIF of 47 dying at a game over screen? Okay then. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Seeing that new “Campaign” tab really makes me think that “Season 2” will in fact be built upon the base of this game. That tab looks pretty barren. It helps that the Prologue mission (that includes the menu and everything from which the game boots into) is free, meaning that anyone who wants to pick up Season 2 without the first, doesn’t have to pay an extra 15$ for the opening mission (and main menu), when all they really want is Season 2.

Excited for Tuesday! Oh Yeah!


Not sure about the other ones, but the Clown’s bat is not suspicious only if you’re wearing the clown outfit.


“Because Hitman” — Forthseven 2017


Yeah, gotta share my disappointment. I haven’t made a new contract in awhile and I was hoping having new levels would change that. Oh well, at least we have these new “complications”.