GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Believe me.
You don’t speak for everyone. you may not find it good/fun… fair enough, but I’m sure others would. Remember, there isn’t just only one way to play Hitman. Many different play styles out there and I like to make contracts to cater to them all.


let’s count down!&font=hand&csz=1


Someone can lend me 20$ ? I can’t find a job. Damn!


It’s time to start exploiting your little nephew/brother/cousin/sister/friend’s brother/whatever to make their own lemonade stand,and get 90% of the income. If they try and step up to you,you shoot 'em. (With a nerf gun). It’ll be just like Breaking Bad,just without the cancer,the annoying bitchy wife and the meth.


Same Here

I wish I Never Bought The Intro Pack
I spent 15$ for Intro Pack
10$ for Sapienza
10$ for Marrakesh
10$ for Bangkok
10$ for Colorado
10$ for Hokkaido
10$ for Bonus Missions
And now I have to pay 20$ for GOTY Upgrade

and New Players can Buy The Whole Game for 60$

I mean WTF!?


Life ain’t fair, keep on keeping on. We on the same boat, difference is I look past it.


I also had purchased intro pack. But at the time of purchasing Marrakesh, I asked steam to refund my intro pack and two missions so I can buy complete first season. They accepted my request at that time and I saved $15


Good For You
I love Steam
I wish I had a Good PC that Day
PSN is not like Steam
and off course PC is Always the best Platform


I will buy 1 GOTY edition upgrade (the $20 version) to any roleplayer that can do this in less than 10 mins.


Always when you want buy a part of something you will pay more than a for full product. Its common marketing rules in this world. Where did you live before?

Wanna by a “im not sure if next episode will be good so i’ll pay for one because Seasons sux” so now you have what you wanted. You should pay a full price to save money And beside - you don’t need to do nothing. Who said you need to pay? I don’t understand your moaning.

I’ve speend 160 zł (which is something like ~ $42 for Full Experience when was premiere and after 1,5 year i’ll pay another $20 because they desered to support, because i want to pay, and because i know that nothing is free on this world, i respect they work.


You are offering because it’s impossible to do it without pacification under 10 mins.


I’m offering because I want to see someone who isn’t a speedrunner with the skills to pull it off.

I don’t believe anybody other than the well known runners have the cojones to pull this off in that time, and if they do, it would be well worth the $20 to see it imo.


Rereading the patch notes and the “Patient Zero Support” section, I’m thinking that the new mechanics, AI behavior, etc. are things that are now technically added to the entire game, but only the Patient Zero campaign actually puts them to use. The most obvious example would be shooting NPCs into bushes, but there aren’t any bushes in the S1 missions, so there’s no opportunity to use it outside Patient Zero.

They mention new HUD elements… How crazy would it be if they added a “visibility” meter, like in Splinter Cell? It’d probably work well with the lighting improvements. I’m not sure if I’d actually like that, but it’s an interesting thought. I’m guessing we’ll see at least one significant change/addition if they’re talking about not spoiling the experience. Maybe then the Season 2 stuff will be made to make use of these new things, which would also mean that PZ would, in fact, serve as a taste of what’s to come.


Ive seen plenty of bushes in s1


Just realized that this would have been the moment to give us new animations (particulary for the fiber wire), but no.


[im-pos-uh-buh l]
not possible; unable to be, exist, happen, etc.
unable to be done, performed, effected, etc.:
an impossible assignment.

Just thought of reminding you the meaning of impossible. Not even so called skilled Speedrunner can do it.


I feel you have nothing nice to say or add to the conversation, kindly don’t reply or say anything


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Your dismissive trivialising of my point with a picture doesn’t divert the fact your posts and attitude haven’t gone unnoticed.
May I suggest you get a better attitude when it comes to coversating and discourse, and then come back to this forum


How did I know you were going to be the one to say that? I mean bushes that can hold bodies.