GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Ya, especially the nice ones on the beach in Sapienza. :joy:


Are you sure?


I’m so hyped for that new sniper, slowing down time is gonna be litt


Yes. 100%


So if I pay the 20 dollars for the GOTY update, are the bonus missions included?


The $20 is for the missions. The general update to the game is available to all for free.


I mean the bonus missions like The Icon or Landslide, they’re supposed to be part of the GOTY edition right?


The Icon, AHBOS and Landslide are part of season 1. The goty dlc is the four Patient Zero missions.


Shit, I thought the GOTY edition was about the game not a specific campaign.


The phrasing is kind of weird, there’s the GOTY update which is the free patch (new UI, ET reactivation, etc) coming to all players. The goty upgrade is the dlc.


I know right? So a newcomer will pay $60 and receive the full season, the bonus missions and the new campaign. But am I supposed to pay for the bonus missions separately?


It’s just an expansion. They released the full game, season 1, from March 2016 to January 2017 (Paris-Landslide). This is separate, it’s common for companies to put out goty editions with expansions as a cheaper package.


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Yes, because a newcomer hasn’t been playing HITMAN for 20 months.


How is it still something that is being discussed?Yes,it’s what happens over time with games,they get cheaper.


Sounds like a bet. (See the Gambling Thread in The Lounge.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will it be also ~€20 on Steam for us in Europe?


The G-spot, yes.


If someone else does it then?


Imma still do it. IT’S OFFICIAL. If anyone completes that cursed contract in under 10 minutes imma change it. Bet.