GOTY / November Update Release Notes


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I’ve already done it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a pretty bad bet you just made. Afaik the mods will only change your name once.


Any idea what time you can download/update the game?
Cuz I got work from 10-20 tomorrow and with my slow internet, chances are it will take at least a day to download :sob: so no HF for me the next 2 days :skull::gun:


Hitman- A world of assessination, where everyone speaks english everywhere :wink: Yes actually, they should have thought about these things day 1. IMO, don’t create a world of assessiantion, if you have to compromise the “world” aspect by cutting voice actors out. Besides that, its not like they didn’t have almost two years time to fix certain things like that. Polish is the keyword. The things I notice while playing make me ask if the devs even play the game themselves.

Ah, ok. The goty edition of season1 doesn’t belong to season1. Thanks for clearing that up.

Did you actually read what I wrote? They are going to change the sniper rifle sound only, after almost 2 years. The sniper rifle, which is arguably one of the less used weapons in game. Instead of the silverballer, shutgun, or smg.


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No, they’re completely changing the weapon sounds but are starting with the sniper rifle.

All content in the “GOTY upgrade” is directly related to Patient Zero. Frankly, “HITMAN: The Complete First Season + Patient Zero” isn’t quite as catchy but that’s exactly what its content is.


That’s nice and all but I still haven’t played the bonus missions.


They’re on sale like, every week.


So what? I’m not talking about that.


The argument, though, is that you can get the content for less now than you could if you bought it on release.

Yes, you can, because the bonus missions are on sale very often.


Where does it say that?
Edit: Also, I said earlier that its a “too little, too late” kind of situation. They should have improved things like weapon sounds much earlier, not at the very end.


Our Audio Team have been looking at improving the weapon sounds and have started with the Sniper Rifle, specifically the Sieger 300.


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Ok, that’s what I was asking. They’re not included in the so called GOTY edition. Okay.


EVIDENCE MY DUDE! IT…IT CANNOT BE! You gotta be kidding me. I mean…if you are being real…can I at least leave the 69 out?Pretty please? Oh and how do I change it btw?Do I message Watson/Jarbinger?


They’re in the GOTY edition, but not the GOTY upgrade, which adds only the GOTY exclusive content (Patient Zero).

It makes sense when you think about it, like how games do “Deluxe Edition” upgrades that add the “Deluxe”-exclusive content and nothing else.


There’s still season 2 and 3. It’s not the end.

And I can’t believe you guys are taking the troll’s (uber) bet.
Lmao. I think that’s worse than actually doing what he says can’t be done.


After the painride that season one was 2016-2017, lets hope season two at least uses a little vaseline :smile: