GOTY / November Update Release Notes


vid tomorrow. btw I’ve not done it, I’ve destroyed it. :sunglasses:


Quick video with details of the Stream I’m gonna do tomorrow:


What time will the pack release tomorrow? 11 am as usual for central Europe? And where can I buy it? I can’t find any link on playstation store


You will be able to buy it at release time, which is 1 pm CEST.


I’ll buy it thursday/friday, too busy with school and all. Priorities you know. :stuck_out_tongue: So I won’t be around much in the GOTY threads in the coming 2 days. Very painfull.


In my Country Nobody(almost Nobody) Buy Original Games
and we can’t pay for a game with our credit Cards
so we have to buy gift cards if we want to buy a Digital Game
I was Sure about HITMAN
I just couldn’t buy a 60$ Gift card

You have to live Here to feel How bad it is


I brought this on myself ahaha,kudos to you. So,what do you prefer?AbsolutionLover or HiddenValleyLover?And most importantly how do I change it?


I think you have to pm a mod


Ok thanks! Guess it really is happening. Man I suck at betting eheh


I’m with you! I’ll be traveling with work so I’m going to buy it on Saturday! It won’t be easy to not peek in the thread though. I’ll be like spicy lmao!



Just discovered Xbox One have a remote download feature :heart_eyes:
Which means I can buy it while I’m at work and it’ll start downloading even though I’m miles away :open_hands:


Gotta love renote downloading.


You know with these restrictions, we can now make a contract where the story is the target will escape or some other bad thing will happen in X amount of time so there is a time limit!

Roleplay yay. :3rd_place_medal:


Here ya go. And it’s only this slow because Maya is a dick with her routine :P. Could shave off like 40 seconds if it wasnt for for that stumble at the end.

Might give it a second go if I figure a good way of getting Maya out of the barn earlier.
@Chigurh47 time to change your name bruh
@JDMHatch_G i’m totally a roleplayer, believe me gimme free stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
@Ordinary_Dude impossi-what now?


Did forthe end up doing it today?


Available in PS Store :smiley: Edit: In Europe it costs 19,99€
So hyped for tomorrow.

We will meet again with 4x Zoom tomorrow. Good Luck 47s


I knew you guys can do it. I was pumping you up.


word is that he died of old age while waiting for Maya.


Heh. IO get the last laugh about the people refusing to pay the $20 for GOTY, because they’re gonna download it anyway. As it’s included in the patch that’s coming as the Upgrade Pack is only a few hundred KB that allows the content to be played.



We really need a countdown clock.