GOTY / November Update Release Notes


If you don’t pay for it, you don’t download it. The patch is separate.


Pagen has one posted somewhere.



The patch is a standard patch that all players get and actually adds the GOTY content to the game. The GOTY Upgrade is merely a small file that tells the game to make the content playable. Same thing as Landslide, it’s patched into the basegame but only unlocks if you have the Bonus Episode (when that launched last year there was no separate download - just the patch).


It doesn’t add the content. It will only show it as a “thumbnail”. You still need to download it separately. Like when you download the base game, it shows all episodes, but you still need to download each episode separately.

So what are you talking about?

Plus the patch alone is 3-4 gbs. That’s small? :flushed:


What about Steam? Is it available yet?


Well considering I’ve have purchased, downloaded and installed the GOTY content - unless IO have a magic compression tool that made four missions less than 1MB, you’re wrong.

As I said, it worked the same way with Landslide. It was patched into the base game and unlocked if the Bonus Episode was installed. When Landslide launched, there was only a patch. No separate download.


Exactly. You DOWNLOADED it. The patch hasn’t come out yet. What I’m saying is, you can download the patch alone and not the goty content. They are separate. And the patch is 3-4gbs. So your original statement is wrong.


You’re an idiot.

The GOTY download is less than 1MB. Are you trying to say that IO have compressed EVERYTHING for four missions into a file smaller than a photo? New assets, dialogue and music for four missions? LOL. The GOTY download is merely a key that unlocks the content once it’s patched in with the v1.13.0 patch.

I don’t know what the hell you did to get Landslide into your game, but whatever you did, you did it wrong.


Shaved off 3 minutes by going for Maya first. This was actually a pretty fun contract, :+1:


This is what you said. Regardless if they DL or not (THATS IRRELEVENT), how are IOI getting the last laugh? They didn’t get the $20. Which makes your statement WRONG.

Wow. Just wow.


Wait what robot arm? I’m probably going to slap my forehead when I hear the answer.


Why the hell is it in Sapienza then?


It’s the robot arm in the underground lab (where you wear a Hazmat suit and enter).


The one in virus lab in the containment chamber. You can use it to distract the hazmats.



I completely forgot about the underground area, I was thinking about the mansion.

Somebody kill me fml


Can anyone tell me if this is the current patch:

I haven’t started Hitman since the last ET so I don’t know if there was any update in between.


I don’t know what’s version 1.30, but the release notes mention version 1.13.0.


they fixed sapienza rooftop access, i just checked it


Gonna message Watson ahah


Still can’t purchase it on Steam