GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Me too. The store page doesn’t have a Buy option for you?


90% of the time I don’t have an option to buy. Sometimes it appears but it’s bugged and I can’t purchase it anyway.


Okay, I am facing the same issue then.


Nice the Silverballer has now the same sound like PC version and the Sieger 300 Advanced sounds awesome now


They were different between the platforms? Wow, I didn’t know that.



Managed to buy the bundle via the phone!


Ok buds,I made a bet and lost it so I just messaged Watson and asked him to change my name,a bet is a bet U_U
@BernardoOne @C2H6O @Fortheseven


I’ll upload the video tomorrow. Right now I’m playing the new content. Screenshot for now. I’ll try to get sub 4.


What is the update size on PS4?


HiddenValleyLover it is. Honestly I just hope people will recognize me once I change it eheh


baller sound changed for the sound it had before the summer patch. and it looks like the pistol distraction works like before too.


About 3,8 GB is the new update


Is the sound a bit more satisfying now,or a bit better? I kinda disliked it before. Don’t really remember the old one eheh


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Looks awesome! I’m hyped as hell!


1.30 PS4 is the correct latest however I still get connection failed (probably due to the maintenance still on going)


the sound is better now yes.


Lucky u I can’t connect to hitman service (down) with new UI


How long before the maintenance is over?


dude the fucking guns sounds are amazing! silverballer feels like a gun now oh and the game is a LOT more smoother, interface is faster and i was able to play the sapienza level for free lel