GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Another hour and a half to go till the servers should be back up. Hopefully.


servers in India are up, i’m able to go online boyzzzz


In Europe too!!!



U.K is good to go.


Well, I played first mission a bit, and, honestly, I didn’t see any of that “dynamic nature”, that prevent creation of contracts. :triumph:


Created a contract, now I’m streaming the Escalations for unlocks. Should be spoiler-mild as I’m avoiding PZ for a bit!

Live here for now, if servers cooperate.


Server has gone down for me.


Somehow i can play the patient zero missions for free, when i am in offline mode :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: on ps4 that is


Why IOI??? Why??? Why that powerless sound for the Lancer???


What are the “new mechanics” and AI behavior?


I think it sounds cool. I’m listening to it with earplugs and not shitty tv speakers.


There are none as far as I can see…


Steam is loading an additional 495,2 mb update, any information on that?


the striker challenge is ABSOLUTE ASS! you want me to kill 2 targets with 1 bullet, subdued 2 targets, laid them on on the other, headshot, one still lives. I mean, da fak. and the gun is supposed to be a magnum pistol. FUCK OUTTA HERE


Just shoot them at the torso. The bullet will kill them both easily. It’s a one-shot-kill gun from close distances, and even medium ones.


i tried that too, at level 3, i killed around 9 people who entered 47s suite, no objective completion on that one and killed 2 guards with a headshot and no objective update on that one too, might be glitched, will try again.


Weird, I killed two targets with one bullet and the objective was completed.


Are you sure you’re killing TARGETS? Maybe non-targets don’t work. I haven’t tried, though.


I already can say positive things about the new patch. I like the new ui colour, looks better than before, eventhough I still dont like the windows8 tiles, and that we still have to click options first, in order to exit the game. The sound options are great and the new lighting looks better. BUT…, these patchnotes again!

I guess some things “slipped” under the radar again? I literally just played for 5 minutes and noticed two big changes that aren’t in the notes.

  1. outstanding performance coins
  2. silverballer sound change!

How can these slip under the radar? So I guess this is on purpose and we have to find the rest of these “easter egg” changes ourselves?


yea dude, every person that enters 47s suite turns red, i kill em but the objective is not completed

oh and i’d say that sapienza looks amazing, more bright and vibrant