GOTY / November Update Release Notes


There was content as well


When IOI release somethingIMG_8662


her underwear is actually golden, and was it from day one.

…a friend told me this :sweat:


Yep but i think in the alpha she was not wearing her undies lel


Thanks for the cameo m8 appreciate it :grinning:


U are welcome my friend :heart:


I notice considerable changes that aren’t in the notes. I really hope they’d list the full changes.


Is it just me, or did they change the outfits of guards in the ICA facility?
One of my contracts that I made in it has guards in Green attire. I thought it was always blue.


I’d recommend not spamming up the thread with the same post several times, simply because you want someone to instantly give you an answer.

When technical issues arise, whether they’re at your end or not, you have to be patient.


I have no patience left with IOI and their constant technical difficulties. Anyway, it’s been resolved. After exhausting every possible solution and a 50 minute phone conversation with Microsoft I was offered a refund. Though I still can’t play the game, because of this virus of an update.


Like what?



Since the things Im about to mention are not in the patchnotes, I can only asume it was changed, since I dont recall them prior to the patch. So

  • DX12 takes much longer to load the game, means they must have worked on DX12
  • Field of View seems to be altered
  • Certain ICA Weapon models have been visualy improved
  • Certain weapon sound have been changed
  • Agent 47 bald head now looks pretier :slight_smile: (textures)
    this^ might be just the new lighting/graphics though, that makes it look better, not sure.

And I didn’t even play much, so I guess there is more. But considering that the patchnotes above^^ are from 1.13.0, and the game is now 1.13.2, the assumption that there are more changes than mentioned seems to make sense.

Edit: NPC behaviour seems to have changed too.


it’s so good to have pistol distractions back goddamn


I gotta say, setting a default loadout is pretty damn cryptic. That “save as default loadout” on the bottom only shows up when your cursor is on the “planning”-box on the left. It’s pretty hard to notice.


I thought they delayed it, cause i couldn’t even find it at first.


Thank you so much! I thought it just wasn’t working for me!


Yeah the sniper sound of lancer sucks. The old sound was more powerfull and it was my favourite sound of all weapons in HITMAN.


That’s funny, I thought it was extremely tinny, unrealistic and hollow sounding. It was as if the audio team designed it from scratch and said “yea, I think that’s what a sniper rifle sounds like”. New one is much better IMO.


The Sieger 300 Ghost has not 4x zoom, just 3. Am I wrong?


It’s 4. The first one and 3 more that you can zoom in.