GOTY / November Update Release Notes


Well, it sounds more realistic now but the old one was more suitable to the attributes and the power that the Lancer has. It is just my opinion.


Ohhh… thanks. I thought the first one not counts.


@Travis_IOI, any plans on releasing the patchnotes for 1.13.2?


I really love the slo-mo of the sniper. It helps me to have another hobby.
Do the headshot and see the target slooooooooooowly do a somersault.
Shoot at the FE, Propane Tank, Scooter, etc and see the NPCs sloooooooooooooowly flying.
They’re so satisfying.


I found myself replaying pretty much all the sniper contracts I knew just to get the kick out of utilizing new sniper rifle mechanics. They are sooooo satisfying!


All the siegers do one body shot one kill now


Are all NPC’s that you can talk to now highlighted even when interaction highlights are turned off? If so, that’s kind of annoying.


Noticed this too.
It is a bit annoying considering I turned the interaction highlight off for more realism. :slight_smile:

Edit: I noticed the room key is easier to pick up at the front desk now in Bangkok also.


It behaves like it did before. One shot to damage, one shot or other was of igniting makes it explode and cause an accident kill. You might mistake it with FEs which only need one shot.


The new readjusted HDR adaptation rules; skyboxes, and lightning looks amazing! The game runs better than ever.

Playing on a 21:9 display the game is amazing in its support to the wider aspect ratio, however, I don’t know what they were thinking when changing the map picture in the background to one that limits to 16:9, as before the change it was stretched perfectly. Not that it matters, just the first thing I noticed after the update. Haha.


There was a time, long ago, when propane flasks would start leaking if you threw them at something.


Sorry mate that is not right…
All Siegers can do Body Shot Kills to a medium distance. Only the Lancer and the S300 Ghost have the ability to to do long range Body Shot Kills.:cowboy_hat_face:


That looks ridiculous.

Yet another thing that not only didn’t need changing, but was actually better before the patch lol.


Wtf is up with the new kill sound? When using the silverballer with the new and improved sound from the pre-patch sound, you can’t hardly hear the nice sounding silverballer shot because this new kill sound is so damn loud.

Wtf? I know some ppl didn’t like the kill sound or were bothered by it (even medically), but adding a new sound that muffles the pistol kill shot? A simple solution would have been an option to turn off the kill sound.


Anyone else find that annoying?


Apologies if this has already been mentioned and I missed it, but…

While I really like the new sound for when you fire the Sieger, wtf is up with that new death noise that all NPCs make when you kill them with a scoped sniper shot? It sounds terrible to me, very low-fi, like it’s straight out of 1999’s Silent Scope. Worse is that it’s the same (male) scream for ALL npc’s, including female characters. Further, if I’m 100’s of yards away from someone, I shouldn’t be hearing their death scream as if they’re right next to me. And if it’s a non-lethal hit, we don’t hear that scream, just the fatal one.

So, not a fan of this frankly bizarre addition, but let me conclude this post by saying how much I’m enjoying the new content and update so far. It’s not perfect, but it is good solid Hitman and what more could a guy like me ask for? (this ridiculous sniper death sound to be removed is the answer)


I noticed that too, and it’s bizarre. I would guess that it was added for The Vector, where all the targets are male and it might add some punch… but it sounds ridiculous when using the sniper rifle in other missions.


Although I do like the ping sound, I reallly think an option to turn it off is needed. It completely muffled the baller sound.


The new kill sound is ok but way too loud, like you said. It´s louder than the Silverballer Gun Shot.

I´m personally so dissappointed by the new Sound Change especially the Lancer, that i think about quitting hitman until Season 2. I have no more fun to use the Lancer. And the Lancer was always my favorite Weapon and my biggest fun factor aka Replayability.

Now it sounds like a silenced Rifle and has no more advantage, cause the S300 Ghost can kill from every range by bodyshot. That was unique for the Lancer. The Sieger 300 Ghost is silenced as a Krugermeier. There is no reason left to use the Lancer, excluding for two Challenges where you have to Sharpshoot.


Kinda wonder if it was a mistake.


It’s coming!