GOTY / November Update Release Notes


I actually missed a lot of the first elusives so I am stoked to play 'em!


Yeah me too! Missed al elusives because I got hitman last August. Played through almost everything except a few challenges now. So I’m excited to play them! ^^


Played them all sadly so coughNewaccountcough :slight_smile:



Oh boy… I missed the first one, and the last four.
It’ll be a long time until I can play those, I guess.


In general the sound design in this game is god-awful. You can for example hear a guy mumbling to himself (outside in Sapienza) while he’s looking at his cellphone 15-20m+ away from you as if he’s next to you; and not only that its got this echo-y chamber room effect to it. (It actually took me some tries to identify who the heck was talking)


I missed one of the last (the one who you had to identify in the mission…I don’t recall how he was called)and the first 4. Gonna be some fun times! Oh and the Guru 'cause I was in Thailand when it came out!


Regarding bullet distractions: How do they work?
For instance, if I shoot and knock out a security camera a guard will come to look.
But if I shoot at a barrel, the guard comes to where I just fired the shot.

At least this is what happened in PRO mode. I am not sure if bullet impacts work differently between modes.


There is a radius NPCs react to bullet impact. They get allerted when you shoot more than one or one too close (I think). Did not test it in Pro though.


Its basically bullet impact, within the 5m radius, if an NPC hears a bullet impact on a surface, i.e. wall or ground, they will investigate the spot where the bullet impacted.



I was wrong? I think not.


You told me. Oh boy, you told me.
Lmao. I can’t believe you’re still thinking about this.

Now THATS funny. Hahahahahahahaahah

Thanks for the laugh. :crazy_face:


My previous PSN account was banned because of a mess the stupid bank did with my credit card. So I’m happy I’ll be replaying all of them again.
Shame I didn’t get my conmemorative coin though


Well, apparently things work different in PRO mode.
For example, if I take out a security camera, a nearby guard will come to investigate.
Doing the exact same thing in regular mode, the guard is deaf as a stump. He never moves.
Even if I keep shooting at it.
Although he will respond to a vehicle being shot at.

I think this is the way it was intended, that the guards or NPC’s would be more sensitive to noise
when playing PRO mode, which would make sense.

Also when firing at the feet of an NPC, they stop to look, but if they see where the shot came from,
you get the bullet impact notice and they come after you.

This is probably no new to anyone but this is what I found.


Shooting security cameras in PRO is its own thing, and works differently from the way bullet distractions work in both modes.

In PRO any time you shoot a security camera, the nearest guard will come to look at the camera. This is the enhanced behavior of cameras (same way that cameras can actually see if you trespass and dispatch guards to your location) on PRO.

In both modes, as of the GOTY update, if an NPC is within 5m radius of where your bullet impacts, they will investigate the noise just like if you threw an object (like Urben said).


Okay, one of the few gripes I have with this update is [PS4] that many of the locations seem to run slower. The frame rate isn’t as smooth as it’s been before.


I thought I was the only one who noticed that. Sometimes the framerate is dogshit,especially in Marrakech!


I just had this thought, how IOI could have spared themselves and the playerbase from so much negativity surrounding the suits mechanic introduced in Hitman2016, if they just had thought about the default loadout at the beginning. Its such a blessing, this way I dont have to play (IMO) Barby dressup with Agent47 before every mission. Better late than never I guess.


quite like playing Barbie dress up :dress: with 47. I feel like selection of clothes really reflect the different moods i am in as i trounce through a living world of assassination.

But i get what you mean some looks are more univeral than others.


I dont even get your point here, thats how far appart our opinions must be :slight_smile: I thought 47 only needs one suit, the rest he collects from other NPC’s while playing, as disguise. Not by selecting his outfit before a game.