Grand Theft Auto 6


Discuss everything related to Rockstars most likely next title!



Personally, I hope we return to the one character format. 3 characters was extremely fun and unique but they never really had any proper character development, this is extremely obvious having played rdr2.



Theres also a lot of talk about going back to vice city. I honestly hope not. I would rather go somewhere completely new. Maybe Seattle or Chicago (it’s unlikely to be outside the US)



Is it likely to be announced soon, or is this just your own speculation?



I want to see a more grounded campaign like GTA4 or RDR, GTAV was too wacky and “crazy” for it to have any lasting impact with me. I want to drive a car, evade police and hold people up. Maybe fly a plane sometimes. I don’t care for GTAV’s extravagance.



I’m all for GTA 6 but I think this thread should wait until an official announcement.



GTA 6 should take place in Russia, that’s the only excuse for the AI driving like a fucking asshole all the time



Heard someone suggest a 2 character setup, cop vs. criminal. I kinda like that idea.



A corrupt cop would be an amazing angle for the series.



I know I’m one of the first to bitch about rain not being a substitute for a dark level in Hitman but i really would love to see a city closer to LC than LS.

I’m having trouble fitting all my thoughts into one short post so maybe I’ll do a write-up on it in the future, but to summarise:

  • More rain, stormy weather and less idyllic beaches and such
  • More low-level back-alley crime than big organised bank heists and middle-class crime
  • A darker and more morally-grey protagonist (think Niko and not fucking Trevor, who’s just comically evil)


I want them to go back to just 1 playable character, first of all. Never was a fan of the 3 swappable character concept in GTA 5, even though, funny enough, that was supposedly going to be in GTA San Andreas back in the day, but I’m really glad it wasn’t. I also want the series to go back to it’s roots. GTA 5 was WAY too over the top for my tastes, that’s for sure. Something more in line with GTA 3, Vice City, or San Andreas would be perfect, in my opinion. Finally, I wouldn’t mind seeing them go back in time to a different decade. Vice City NAILED the 80’s, and San Andreas captured the 90’s quite well I think, so maybe go back to the 70’s? Or maybe not, but we’ve had so many modern GTA’s for the past few installments, that I’m itching to go back in time to a different era in a GTA game.



Yes. Some people suggested Infernal Affaris/The departed kinda twist. Would be a cool idea.

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Imagine being excited for a Rockstar game


Would be cool if they made a new GTA London. Drive on the proper side of the road, 60s/70s punk aesthetic. I’d dig it

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Will it take place ever? I’m waiting for some official information for ages, but…



I’m guessing we’re still off by another year before we here anything. I could be wrong though.

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I heard, possible announce can be in 2020 or even 2022.
If so, PC players can expect GTA 6 not eariler than 2024-2025…
Unless they working hard on it now and will release it shortly after announce.
Anyway, I bet to play it around 2023



Bring back the Benz.



Vehicle wise, V has the most vehicles, with wide variation as well. We already knew how majority of players love super cars, militarized/weaponized vehicles, or even jetpacks.

I would like to see future car list become like how IV did with more civilian vehicles (90s/00s sedans or trucks), which added a more aesthetic vibe to the settings.

Here is a clear difference between IV and V:


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Gta 6 should take place in Vice City. I really miss that place. Story will probably be focused on cocaine again (IV had the diamonds, V had cash), but we’ll see. I personally don’t care if it takes place in the present or past, but I prefer the 80’s, only so they can’t add futuristic bullshit.



I agree with placing it in Vice City. In the 3D universe we had San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City. San Andreas and Liberty City have been in the HD universe, but Vice City hasnt. To be honest, GTA V still holds up after 5 years. Id like to rather see some DLC for GTA V, than GTA 6 already. I mean c’mon, why is there no North-Yankton DLC yet? I am not sure if i agree with the futuristic bullshit part tho. In my opinion, they shouldnt even do an online mode. Its nothing but grind, the community is toxic and the modders can give you 10 bucks and you can be banned from that. Complaining about Rockstar and GTA Online is just beating a dead horse tho. So yeah, i wish that they would not make an online mode like GTA V and RDR2 have. Sure, you can make some Co-Op shit, but how about you let people play in solo lobbies, do the stuff alone or with a friend and dont make people grind for hours for over-expensive items that they can lose at anytime due to a modder. Rather, make extra money by making expansion DLCs like TBoGT or TLaTD for GTA IV. But thats not gonna happen, because at least a year ago, they were making 50 million a month with the shark cards.