Grand Theft Auto 6


Whatever they do,I hope they take characters and story seriously next time.



I hope the setting will be Vice city in the 80s or 90s. And shooting, gore and physics from Max Payne 3.



Missions that allow player agency. It’s always been weird how GTA games are set in massive open worlds with loads of options and toys to play with, but the missions are always boring because of all the hand holding.
This video sums up my opinion of Rockstars gameplay philosophy



i can’t get hyped for VI because of V. i never forgave them for what they DID to johnny klebitz. also there is nothing to do in single player mode once you beat it. at least GTA online is addictive, but it only gets really fun if you skip the grind and buy shark cards.



Johnny Klebitz never was more or less main character.
I was surprised (in a bad way) and a bit shocked once I saw that scene and even was feeling a little sorry about him, especially mentioning the way he was down. But I never felt lack of him in the story or something like that



Yeeeeeees love that guy!



Bully 2 anyone?

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Yes I would rather have that than GTA 6 it has been so long since Bully and it was way better than it had any right to be.

Also slightly irrelevant (to your post) but I do feel the more structured nature of a mission is needed since GTA or RDR is more narrative focused. And no I didn’t see the above video I have far to many things to do.

All my Uni assignments are coming up and I am busy as fuck. This is my only break. SO if I am talking out of my ass give me the nitty gritty of why I am wrong then crucify me for my opinion.



Mate, I reckon Johnny fucking sucked. I hated playing as him in TLAD and was actually kinda happy that Trevor stomped the living shit out of him. Maybe it’s because I hate the “culture” of bikies as a whole, it’s hard to tell. Either way, he’s gone and I’m happy.



I really hated the mission design if rdr2 and ESPECIALLY gta v. They were all so linear and it was worse in gta because it was trying to use the gimmicky character swap mechanic to give the illusion of gameplay depth when it was really non-existent. This was especially noticeable in that mission where Micheal rappels the building to save that IT guy.

Anyway modern rockstar games don’t do it for me personally because of the mundane gameplay in missions

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In my opinion, each of the playable GTA V characters seemed too one-dimensional for me and the forced character swaps just took away from the immersion (which only added to the lack of attachment to each character).

They also seemed too whiny to me; Michael and Trevor were always at each other’s throats, Michael was easy to dislike for what he did to Trevor and Brad and Franklin was forced to spend his whole time being the Daddy that brought everybody, including Lamar, back into line.

I actually really hated the Story Mode which was fucked because I was so fucking hyped for a GTA with more heists than ever before (which also ended up with endless, annoying bickering).

GTA Online was where it was at but sometimes, even then… tsk.



Man, I have a whole different read on the story and characters than that. Interesting.



To be honest my favourite part of the story was the character of Michael. He was easily the best designed and likeable character at least for me. His tacky massive home with his gold digger wife was sad as the possessions and money didn’t bring him happiness. The therapy sessions were really funny to me especially as someone who has dabbled in trainee counselling and I felt like everything he did made sense. He faked his death to escape the life of crime to try and return to normality (which fails).

Other than Michael I kinda disliked story mode, mainly cos of limiting gameplay design but also cos of the shit ending. I think it would have made a lot more sense if the player didn’t have an option but rather the game goes for the kill Trevor option because that was the most realistic and fitting ending to the game. Death wish was fucking stupid and killing Michael never would be the choice Franklin would make.



Goddamned right, @MaxKroon. Glad somebody else gets it. Fuck Trevor.



I thought it was a bleak ending especially when Trevor screams “Judaaassssss” but I still think it was the best, most satisfying ending



I think he was designed to be the leading protagonist (or antagonist - which is correct?).
Other two just an aid squad to diversify and widen the gameplay



For me one of the key experiences in GTA is exploring the world (also a big part of Hitman). The surroundings and atmosphere needs to be somewhere I would like to be. I really loved GTA V for this reason, the great contrast between the modern big city and the beautiful landscapes that surrounds it. Thats propably also why Sapienza is my all time favorite Hitman level.

I would like to see a GTA in Italy or something like that, having the contrast between a historic big city like Rome and the small old villages in the country. I realize that the story would have no connection to the previous and therefore I have no hope of it ever happening.

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I find Trevor ok but he was so unrealistic and crazy that I couldn’t really connect with his character. Franklin I found really boring and a wannabe Carl Johnson which completely failed



So basically I just want a bully 2 :slight_smile:

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You should come and see my hometown. It’s probably why I was most comfortable with Trevor.

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