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Not sure if this is the correct spot to post this, but I’m kind of at a loss. I have a Dell Latitude E6540 Laptop and am getting the green screen. Everything I’ve found so far says to change from Direct3D12 to Direct3D11. The problem is my laptop appears to already be in 11 and there are no other options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



try reducing your screen resolution

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Thanks BudNel, but unfortunately still green. :disappointed:

Hi William.

Do what @YourGudBudNel said. Set everything to minimum settings and see the result. I see you already tried this.

Minimum graphic card requirements for HITMAN™ is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870

Their benchmark score is about 4000. Your laptop graphic card score about 708.

The most secure business laptop

I would suggest you to buy a new computer, this laptop is not made for gaming.

A review of this laptop from 07/22/2013


Gaming Performance

Gamers are not the target group for the Latitude series, but the notebook is certainly
well suited for games with the dedicated graphics card. Many games can be
played with high details, some of them even with the highest settings.
The native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels is never a problem,
although you might have to reduce some settings from time to time.
Far Cry 3 for example has an average frame rate of 39.6 fps with Full HD and low details.
The minimum frame rate is 28 fps, which is below the 30 fps mark but still playable. [/quote]

WIK :game_die:

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Great info, horrible news. So much for being a casual gamer. In fact, this is the only game I ever play!

Thank you,


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lol, i have a dell 5558 with a nvdia 920m, and my score is 667 :frowning: and i just purchased this laptop recently to enjoy the latest games, well ultra low settings it is then.

Laptop cards always pretty much equal the last line and model, but are usually only a bit better. Your card is like a overclocked 820m with more memory. Not only that but you should look at the model numbers. With Nvidia the number usually starts at the X10 and usually goes up to the X80 series. Your card is sitting at the very low end of the spectrum.

I’m no expert nerd either; :smile: it just pays to know what you are buying obviously. I also don’t recommend laptops for gaming. Get a Micro-ATX PC and stick it under your TV with a controller - if you hate being at a desk. Much cheaper and more reliable than a laptop, especially if you find a popular specialist site in your country to build you one with the parts you have chosen.

Greetings! Been a while and still haven’t been able to play the game I purchased back in March :frowning:. Looking to buy a new laptop, but primarily for work. I love Dell since its built like a tank but can’t seem to find any Dells with the video card rating higher than 1700. Does anyone have a Dell they know will run this game?

Thank you!!!

Hi Nel. Can you tell me if you were able to run the game on your Dell?

Hey! I’ve been able to run the game but at a potato frame rates between 15-25 fps.
I have a dell 5558 with a geforce 920m, it CAN play latest games but at 15-20 fps on low settings. I suggest you go for ASUS laptops with GTX series cards 960 or above :smile:

Ok, thanks Nel!! Huge help.

Not sure what your budget is, but give this one a look. It’s a Dell and very well priced considering its specs.

Yup, been working with Dell sales and this is the exact model they recommended. Though Dells aren’t fancy, I travel a lot and they’re built like tanks, which is why I prefer them. As much as I’d love a super Asus at home, I will probably end up getting this one.


Got the Dell 7559 and I’m finally playing!! Thanks for all the help!!


Turn HDR off in the graphic setting
i had the same green issue with my GTX 980