Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game





A member posts a very close up photo
(See examples below) of any target from any Hitman game. Target photos can be promotional photos found on the internet, or actual screenshots that you took yourself. Then just edit them to your liking before posting.

Then, each member gets 1 and ONE GUESS ONLY on who that Target may be.

The person who gets it correct then goes on to post their own target for others to guess.

If after 3 guesses and the target still wasn’t guessed correctly, the original poster would then post a DIFFERENT target photo (not revealing who the first target was) for others to guess. At this point, members that guessed the first time around can now guess once more for the new target, but still just one guess per member.

Only 1 target at a time and only 1 photo. No “Extra Hints!” Such as; resizing the photo bigger, or saying what specific Hitman title the target is from.

Photos MUST be actual targets and NOT other NPC’s such as; Helmut Kruger, Dr. Lafayette, Vinnies Wife, etc…
Elusive Targets and Bonus Mission Targets are also acceptable.










(Try not to get the background. Only the target.)



Who wants to get us started??



Sounds like a cool game. I have a question. Can it be an Elusive Target?


I would say yes as long as it’s a recognizable npc and I think we all know ETs.

So since nobody went? I’ll go first.



My guess is that it is Kurt Donovan? :face_with_monocle:


Nope. But ya, I agree, it’s looks a lot like him. Haha.


Thank you.

And yes Elusive Targets can be used…

ALL targets from ANY Hitman game may be used.
However, it must be strictly targets. No other NPC’s such as Kurt Donovan, Helmut Kruger, Dr. Lafayette, The Hippie, Vinnies Wife etc…


Thanks for the confirmation. :smiley:


Np :slightly_smiling_face:

You didn’t do 47, did you? :smirk:
Cause he was “technically” a target in Abs? Lol


You remember my 47 day avatar, huh? lol. But no, it’s not 47.

Oh and I think after 24hrs, a second zoomed out a bit pic should go up so there isn’t a time where ppl just can’t get it. Good idea?


It is a good idea, however (and I think I’ll add it in the O.P) to keep it so it’s always just ONE photo, I think if after 10 people guessed and nobody still got it (and to keep that target up for grabs again for future posts) the original poster would then get a DIFFERENT target photo and people could guess again. Including people that guessed the first time (seeing it would be a different target and members can only guess once.)


The O.P. is now updated.

It’s @immadummee47 turn.

2 guesses so far…
Target Photo

Still up for grabs, guys! Who is this??? :thinking:


I have no clue who that is. Is it Jonathan Smythe?


Blake Dexter? If it’s right, someone else take my turn.


Nope to both of you.


I already guessed, but is that a screenshot “in game” or is it a shot that’s “pre-posed” in other words; how elusive Targets are individually displayed and the intel? Pretty sure it’s in game but could be wrong.

BTW: that’s 4 guesses wrong so far. If nobody gets it with in 6 more different posts @immadummee47 posts a new (different) target. (Keeping this current target masked.) Just an FYI / Update to help everyone grow familiar to the rules :slightly_smiling_face:

Great target choice btw! We are off to a great start, this is turning out to be more difficult than I originally anticipated (which is great!) :smiley:


In game


Is it the Congressman? Surely it’s an elusive target.


It is not the Congressman.

And happy birthday to you!!


Damn, that’s a bare minimum pic to go on. Good luck with that. :slightly_smiling_face: