Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


Deewana Ji maybe?


@Beldingford got it! :smile: Awesome job man, good eye!


One of the saints then. There aren’t many female characters in Absolution


Welp, just disregard everything I said


I can’t play Hitman 2 on my pc (it glitches out after the main menu) so I don’t know a lot about it.


Yeah boii.
Guess who!


Haha I’m sorry man, didn’t mean to ignore ya. I knew someone was going to mention “Angel of Death” I really did lol it does look like her with the lips and everything


Et’s count right?


Penelope Graves, maybe?


Yes, Elusive Targets count. ANY target from any game is acceptable :slightly_smiling_face:




Nvm what i said



Who am I :question:



Awesome @Beldingford! You are the first person I believe I saw that used a unique target photo, (which is indeed acceptable) rather than a generic. I hope we see more of that. Because quite frankly (imo) using generic photos could make it more easily to ID. Way to think outside the box :smile:


Lol true it’s too easy to check the target pics by googling so I prefer doing this.


Exactly! Lmao… I’m definitely going to start doing your idea more, myself from now on. Just going to have to get a few screenshots of more targets for future use here.


Heyy I know this, easy peasy. But I’ll let someone else guess it.


Haha yup, I know it too! Better watch out people… tough one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a quick question, but can we use the same picture twice if nobody got it the first time around?


Lorne de havilland maybe?