Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


Yeah I believe it’s him. He is the only one with a beard and wrickeled double chin


No no! If after three guesses nobody named the target, you must use a different one, but keep that first targets identity to yourself

All rules are in the OP btw :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s him.

@AGENT4T7, aw, really? Kinda sucks, but whatever


Next one:



I’m sorry man. I just made the rules like that because I thought it would keep the game going more smoothly.

For example; a person places a target. After 3 different guesses no one got it. That person would post a NEW one (keeping the first targets identity to their self) that way when it’s a new persons turn they could ‘possibly’ use the very target you used the first time without even realizing it
IDK, just thought it would keep things interesting lol


Is that Kevin Borts?

@AGENT4T7, it’s fine





Kevin Borts from Hitman:Sniper (app) but no, that’s not him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, I was gonna not say this one but the hell with it…

It’s Lorenzo Lombardo :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a new Target soon…


Alright, new Target…

GUESS WHO :question:



Tzun/Zhun from Hitman Contracts, perhaps? I doubt it, but…


That Danny Trejo guy from Absolution,right?
I can’t remember his name atm



@anon71469955 good guess but that’s incorrect.

@AGENT_58 hahahaha yup! You are correct. Sanchez it is. Awesome!


someone can take my turn,I cant figure out how to crop pictures on pc


I’ll take it, if you’d like


Sure,go ahead



It’s all you @anon71469955 go for it!


This one is a bit different

Who am I :question:



Is that Novikov? 202020


Indeed it is, that was really quick