Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


Maybe is Adalrico Candelaria, aka The Prince?


Pretty sure is Brendan Conner, the identity thief.


7 guesses… 3 more. You picked a damn good photo @immadummee47


So do we get a bit of a zoomed out picture now since nobody has been able to guess it?


We need 3 more guesses from members that didn’t guess yet. If the target isn’t named with in that time @immadummee47 picks a NEW target. We don’t get zoomed out photos. 1 photo only, until the target is named.


I think a zoomed out photo would be better. Just because we don’t have to have the same person posting all the time. Who’s to say my next photo doesn’t get guessed correctly again? I’d have to post a third? Forth? Fifth?

So on that thought, I’ll post the zoomed out photo and whomever guesses it can post the next one.

Should be easier now. :grin:




But to be clear, I didn’t mean I have an issue with posting a “zoomed out” photo. I just meant whatever type a photo one posts the first time, should remain as is. That was just my original intention for the rules of this thread.

But you bring a good point so I’ll let it go. Just in the future (to everyone) make sure your first photo you post is one you are satisfied/confident with. There is no “standard size” photo that has to be used after all. Just be realistic about it is all. Not too easy, not ridiculously hard lol you know…

But ok this does help and it’s a working progress. As time goes on I’m sure it will go much smoother. I already had a guess so I’m already out. Have at it gentleman.


Okay so… perhaps 10 guesses is a bit much… I think this game has the potential to be very fun but sadly, it seems to be going nowhere. And I really believe it has a lot to do with the 10 guess limit.

I’d like to change that to see how it goes. I will change the rules in the OP.

The rules will still be the same, however… instead of 10 I will change to THREE

3 Guesses from THREE DIFFERENT MEMBERS. If nobody gets it within 3 the same rules will apply…
see OP

But seeing @immadummee47 target had many guesses already, if the next poster STILL doesn’t guess it right, @immadummee47 will post a new photo, not revealing this current target.


Adalrico Candelaria?


Correct. The Prince ET. You can post your pic.




@Loner guessed that a week ago and he got ignored. Lame :confused:

On topic: Silvio Caruso


Lmao. I never saw that. I wouldn’t of ignored his answer if I saw it. So ya, agreed. Lame. lol. Sorry loner. My bad.


That’s fine, no worries guys. Why don’t @Loner go next then we can do @Markie target to keep things fair? :slightly_smiling_face:

And so this don’t happen again;
Whoever posts a target, the people that guess just @ them so they can confirm.


@Danger_dog_guy_7 thank you for noticing it. I though i was wrong with my reply.

@immadummee47 don’t worry, everything is fine. :wink:

However, i’ll take my turn.


This should be easy.

Happy new year to all the comunity. :smiley:


Lee Hong ^



3 guesses… GO!


@AGENT4T7 correct!:wink:


Andrei Puscus


Not sure… Sergei Zavorotko?


Wow @Danger_dog_guy_7 that is correct lol here I thought I had a tough one :sweat_smile:

You’re up, sir!