Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


New target who dis?

Sorry for the low quality


Kalvin Ritter aka “The Sparrow”


Correct, your turn!
I really like how they built upon his character in sniper assassin.



I know, me too! I also like the fact that they mention tha Shamal Hotel & Casino from Blood Money. I love it when they make references with targets/locations from past titles.

But okay give me a second, I’ll grab a photo…


Like in Colarado when you enter the tornado center, it shows us how Providence used us to do their dirty work in earlier games by referencing Hayamoto and others.


New Target

GUESS WHO :question:
(I’m also sorry for the bad quality lol)



Is that Mr. Giggles? Or whatever the last ET was called


Yes that is correct :+1:


Good Luck!


Hmm… could it be…?



You are correct! 2020202902


I thought so :relieved:

But kudos man, that was a very good choice of target. Considering not many know how to actually get him out of the limo. Nice!

Give me a minute…


Ok here we go. New Target!

GUESS WHO :question:


Etta Davis, the angel of death?


No I’m sorry, that is incorrect.


Just bumping the thread as I was in the mood to play this again.

It’s been a very long time lol but I think we should just leave off where we started.

Can anyone guess the target I posted above? We already have 1 (incorrect) guess. Need 2 more from 2 different members yet.

Guess Who :question::question::question:




Aah I really should know this :laughing:


Lol well go on man, take a guess.


Mh…Lenny from Absolution?