Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game




Fritz Fuchs???


The thing is I don’t really know the names of most, if not all, targets from the older games. So unless it’s a new game target, I’ll likely not even guess cuz I won’t have a name to guess with. lol.


That’s understandable. Would you ever consider giving the older ones a try? They may be old and the controls can be crazy at times lol but they are really great Hitman games imo. You should play them


(20 Characters)


Oh I have played them, but whenever I do, I wanna puke. Lol. Don’t like the mechanics, the ai and especially the SA rating. The current hitman just makes the older games unplayable for me. And this is coming from someone who loved CN47 and SA when they first came out. But I just can’t do it anymore.




Hmm. Well, I disagree, sure the controls are bad compared to the current, but I absolutely love all the Hitman games and still play them to this day. Even CN47 and even after spending HUNDREDS of hours with the current Hitman. To each their own though.

Just something about them that I will never get tired with them. Honestly I see myself still playing them even as a very old man haha

And @Danger_dog_guy_7 really? Damn… I was almost positive it was him. Same colors and everything with the tie, shirt and coat. Very small photo and it’s kinda hard to make it out. But this is the rules and what we must go on now lol

1 guess down… 2 to go!


Can you guess who this is? :smirk:



Lord Beldingford 20 guesses


Noooooope :smiley: Look again


I don’t remember you guessed my target, so why don’t you wait for your turn :wink:

Btw it’s Fernando Delgado, so back to my target


Haha yeah, a little out of turn there @badeaguard but I’m glad you joined in on this game. You got the idea, but it’s still @Danger_dog_guy_7 turn.

I already guessed, so 2 more (different) members still need to guess. (Reminder:) if the next 2 people fail to guess the target, @Danger_dog_guy_7 will then post a different target pic. (Without revealing the identity of his current one.)

Danger_dog_guy_7’s Target:
(1 guess down. 2 more to go!)



I don’t suppose you can enlarge that image?


Didn’t see that, sorry.

I would say Franz Fuchs, but that seems wrong. Any chance of a bigger image?


One more guess and I’ll drop another picture from the same image of the same target :wink:


The Twins.

20 more twins.


Agent 17??? Might be the tie :thinking:


That picture is really tiny,it’s sort of unfair lol


Well, that’s 3 guesses. If @badeaguard is incorrect though, you actually have to post a different target. It can’t be the same one. You also can’t reveal who the target was if nobody gets it. However, if badeaguard is correct, it’s his turn. :slightly_smiling_face: