Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


And here’s the next one! :smiley:


Is that Gavin LeBlond from Absolution?


That’s incorrect, I’m afraid.


Oh you know what!?! I think I know who it is now!! :tired_face:

Damn, already guessed though… damn!! lol

Alright well, 1 guess down, 2 to go.

(Remember, if nobody guesses it right, don’t reveal the identity of this target, just post a different one.)


I thought we were going to do a zoomed out pic of the same target to make it a bit more revealing. :worried::flushed:


No, no, that was just for that one time because it caused problems for people when guessing. I made the rules clear now (check op)

The FIRST photo a member posts is the photo it’s gonna stay for the three guesses. No changing the size or position once it is posted. So make absolutely sure it’s a photo you’re comfortable/confident in before posting. Nothing unrealistically hard–Nothing too easy.

  • 1 photo
  • 3 guesses
  • 1 guess per member
  • If after 3 guesses the target still wasn’t named. The original poster would then post a Different target, keeping their last targets identity to themselves.

Pretty simple I think.

@SpeedsterRunner217 is still up. One guess down. Two more to go.

His current target:


Is it Sean Rose?


I’m sure it’s Sean Rose


Yes, he is. Correct!



Sorry I took a while! This one is a bit different.


Fritz fuchs


Yup that’s right. Might’ve been too big of a photo lol



I have no idea if this is too easy or too hard








Sheriff Skurky.
20 more lashes.


Is it Alvaro D’Alvade?


The only right answer. Your turn


All right. Next one! :smiley: