Guess Who 🕵️ Target Guessing Game


Vladimir Zhupikov, I guess?


Seriously!? How?? :sweat_smile:

You’re correct, nice!
Your turn.


Yey, he came to my mind instantly. :smile:
Alright, let’s see how easy or hard is this.
Lol I’m still waiting for someone to make a post about one of the Saints because they all look the same.


Jade Nguyen


Damn you got it instantly. I’m done for today. :smile:


Hitman Forum really knows their targets haha
Alright man, hope to see you back here again soon!

Your turn @Danger_dog_guy_7


Time for the next one!


Sorry if it’s a little small


Sorry but i can’t understand what is it. Could you provide a bigger picture?


It’s beard. :wink:


Thanks man and Happy 1st Anniversary!


Commander Sergei Bjarkhov???


Man, you gotta give someone else the change to guess man.

Your turn :wink:


Haha alright I’ll hold off a while, you’re right lol

Here “should” be a difficult one…

New Target

Guess Who :question:



Raymond Kulinsky perhaps?


Nope, not Raymond…


Just gonna take a shot in the dark and say it’s Dominic Osmond


I’m sorry, Osmond is incorrect, also.

2 guesses down. 1 more to go.


Albert Fournier?

20 Contracts


I’m sorry, that is incorrect as well.

Alright well, that’s 3 guesses wrong. This particular targets identity will forever be masked lol

New Target

Guess Who :question:


People that have already guessed the previous target, can now guess this one since it’s a new target. But still only 1 guess per member as usual.


Pertti Järnefelt aka The Bookkeeper?