Guest of Honor Challenge is bugged

So far i’ve completed some of the challenges without problems.This Guest of Honor challenge comes up Opportunity Was Lost.How do i actually do this challenge without this Opportunity Was Lost?

You have to dress up like a sheikh.
To do this safely, you must be fast to be in time before he lefts his suite.
If he does, he goes straight to the auction and sits on his chair. At this moment, I think, you can get this message of opportunity lost.
I advise you to start a mission as Tech Crew Undercover in AV center.
Then run straight to his suite and isolate him to get his clothes safely so nobody notices.
Undress him and hide in a closet.
Then go to the auction and sit on sheikh’s place. If the auction is still ongoing when you arrived, the button of placing a bid should appear. Place a bid and you’ll be granted a tete-a-tete meeting with Dalia in her office. Mission Story completed


I was having the same problem. I’m used to being able to choose lots of methods, but as mentioned, you have to do this one fairly fast.

The method I settled on is pretty fast and direct, and the only body found is perceived as an accidental death. Even if her assistant is there at the door you’ll not be detected as long as you stand close to the winch.

That said, I’d prefer to have more options on how to approach each opportunity. It just seems strange to have to move so fast as if you’re at a track meet. I get that sometimes they have limited intel, but usually that just means 47 has to investigate more. You’d think a big persona like Sheikh al-Ghazali would not be hard to track as far as when his arrival time at Sanguine was, or when the auction starts.

You know you have like 6-10 mins to get to Sheiks suite and get his disguise.

And your video is private.

I would say 6-7

I thought it was rather less than that, to be honest. Does he hang around until there’s a trigger to leave or 8/10 minutes passes? For one contract I’m pretty sure he was leaving within 2 minutes (that bloody Fall Season Preview nightmare contract).

He’ll only leave if the auction is still ongoing.

Yes, of course, but what I meant was this. Does he hang around until 8 minutes passes but if 47 goes to that floor of the palace before those 8 minutes then it triggers him leaving for the auction sooner? I rarely bother with him so don’t know his movements that well.

His script isn’t triggered by 47s proximity. He’ll go to the auction by himself at around 6-10 mins, or probably earlier than that.

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Oh, okay, I was sure I’d seen him leave earlier but as mentioned, the last time I did anything with the Sheikh was that fiendish contract, as you might well agree it messed with the head!

Could probably be earlier, I don’t remember.

But the fact of the matter is that Sheiks disguise can be obtained pretty fast so one wouldn’t even have to worry about him leaving.

I felt it was closer to 7 min max as was said. The method I tried to upload was barely under 5 min, and involved a lot of running. That’s pretty unrealistic when the ICA would easily be able to get al-Ghazali’s arrival time and the auction time. After playing through all story mission opportunities of Hitman 1 and 2, this is the only one that forces such an extreme pace. So I think it’s understandable why some think it’s bugged.

I’ve uploaded tons of videos to YouTube as Public without issue, including a 114 video guide on how to beat GRW on Extreme with no HUD or upgrades. Lately though they have a confusing processing screen and I may have skipped through the Next tab too quickly. The result was it was saved as a draft, but when I go to edit the Visibility, it’s already listed as Public, and when I tried to save it as Public, the little visibility icon under the video itself still shows as Private.

So I deleted it and am now going through the lengthy process of uploading it again. :rage:

BTW, how does one quote whom they’re replying to on this forum?

Then change method. Start at a closer starting location or intercept him while he’s on the way to the auction.

Highlight the text and a thing should appear above it with “quote”, hit that and a reply is created that appears like the text above. Or you can @FragManiac (type as written). If you reply to a given post rather than the thread in general then usually the one to whom you are replying is noted in your reply. Hope that helps.

Ibbe’s right, it’s pretty easy to get to the Sheikh within a minute or so (well under a minute if you get the timings just right).

Well I typically do my first run throughs at the default starting location. To me it’s more cinematic and fits the story better. Just seems kinda strange to be immediately inserted in the AV center as a tech, vs a patron coming in on the red carpet. It sorta feels like a fast travel cheat vs the full on Hitman experience.

At any rate, there’s been lots of comments on failed mission status for this story mission, and usually people say start at the AV Center as a tech. If anything that only validates that this mission forces you to either rush or use special methods. That also means their play it any way you like formula with less locations but more methods kinda breaks down at that point.

Thanks, I’d forgotten some forums, like Gears of War, work that way.

I know the Sheikh can be gotten to fairly quickly. I got to him in about 2 min, but I was taking the usual avoid detection and hide bodies method, and starting at the default entrance. The ones I’ve seen doing it in 1:45 or less are not hiding bodies, or starting from the default guest approach.

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Ah I see what you mean. I’m more of a fast travel type.

Anyway, can’t you make it in time to Sheik if you start at the default starting location, I’m sure you can make it in time to his suite, or if not his suite then 100% when he’s on the way to the auction.

As I just said above, using the method I was referring to, and am about to embed again if all goes well, I arrived at his suite in about 2 min. I did carefully pursue and hide the body of the guy who’s disguise I used to access the suite though.

I know lots of people like to do speedy runs on this game, and I try not to dawdle much myself, but it starts losing it’s appeal and immersion if I don’t have time to collect items, explore options, and move at a more measured vs hectic pace.

Anyway, here’s that video OP.