Guide. From profession to master

I greet you all. I’m new to this game. I’ve practically played every hitman in the past, but with the last one I really started taking this game seriously.
I have some questions. Please excuse my broken English.

  1. We played professionally every mission, we learned new models to finish them quickly.
  2. How can I train for master? I’ve completed 6 missions on a route discovered by me, but it seems to me that it limits me.
  3. Is it a good idea to try to play professional only in a suit?

Thank you very much, and I apologize repeatedly for my English.

Welcome to HMF :slight_smile:

Practice. While most of the map would be the same. Master has a few key features that will mean your route will be new.

  • Faster and longer range of detection, less health.
  • Super Enforcers (can see through disguises including your Suit)
  • Items of interest can move places
  • Additional guards are in the map.

My advice would be to go into master with knowledge of map layout. And you’ll find how it works for you and how you can adapt. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

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For your second question, my advice would be to try out the mission stories on professional difficulty to get a good feeling about the level and to build up confidence and then jump to master difficulty. Now, do bear in mind that the jump can be quite significant most of the time so don’t be surprised if your previous solutions and routes simply don’t work anymore. Remember, HITMAN is all about trying different approaches and solutions and seeing which ones are the best and implementing them flawlessly into your runs. So, don’t feel discouraged when you stumble and make mistakes because that’s all part of the HITMAN process on both, professional and master difficulty. Good luck and enjoy the game!

As for your third question, yeah, it would be a great idea to play suit only on professional because it’s quite challenging if you’re doing it blindly (without help from the internet). Also, it will teach you new shortcuts and routes that you never thought existed because you’re unable to use disguises to navigate the levels.

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Ty all for reply :slight_smile: <3