Guide on how to cosplay Agent 47 suit

In response to @Gennyes thread Hitman suit detail I decided to make a dedicated topic on how to cosplay 47’s suit with personal experience where we can all share our toughs and tips for a perfect cosplay.

Cosplaying 47 seems to be easy but it is not. Yes, finding a black suit and a red tie is simple but that is not the end of it because that suit needs to be adjust to your body which means you need to take it to a tailor.
Material of the suit also has a huge impact on how you look in it. You can buy a black cheap suit from Primark or another brand like OVS or you could invest those 200€ or more and go for a slim wool suit that I assure you it really catches the eye.
My job requires me to wear a suit and with time I gain a lot of experience on how to wear it and how I should look in it. I don’t have a fancy job by the way :sweat_smile: I work as a night porter in a hotel but I really care to give the best impression I can.

Here is photo of me when I first started my job 4 years ago. I wanted to be dressed on my first day as 47 to make it memorable.

I remember I felt embarrassed and discomfort because even tho I liked the idea about wearing a suit I never really got a chance to wear one.
Now here is me some time after. As you can see I came a long way both in style and physic.

What I learned in these years is that there is a thin line between looking good and feeling comfortable in these type of clothing.
Here are my suggestion and personal preferences

SHIRT: For start when I buy a shirt the only important thing for me is that when I close up all the buttons it isn’t tight on the neck. I rather prefer it to be a little lose on the neck when I close up the last button than to feel it slightly tight. But that means the shirt is or might not be your size. In fact it will be bigger right?
No problem. That is why tailors exists.
My biggest problem is that I have a pretty wide back because I am into bodybuilding and the clothes that fits me are meant for taller men which means a shirt might fit me perfectly on the shoulders and neck but the sleeves would be too long and here is where the tailor comes in to trim those parts that excesses.
The perfect length must never touch your palm but rest right above your hand.

KEEPING YOUR SHIRT TUCKED IN: This is a huge problem especially when sitting and getting up all the time or when picking up something from the ground. You see in movies that in every action scene the shirt always staying inside the pants but in real life this is a very big problem for I assume everyone.
You can avoid this by walking straight like a robot and limiting your movements or you can invest 30$ on magnets.
That’s right. Magnets. I was pretty desperate at some point because my shirt would always get out from my pants till one day I finally found a pretty clever solution.
I’ve been using this for 3 years and a half now. They basically are half a sfere shape that are meant to hold the shirt from under the belt.

TIE: You think the tie is the most basic thing to buy but boy, there is a huge difference from buying a pack of 5 ties at 7€ and buying one single silk made tie for 40€ or more.
All my ties are silk made. Beautiful to see and smooth when tied up. These ties are not slim nor the classic wide. It’s a mix of both actually so when buying a tie be extra careful to not buy the slim ones because they really look bad (in my opinion there meant more for a casual look when going to clubs).

SUIT: As I mention at the begging of this thread the material does make a huge difference on both aspects of how they look and also on how they feel on you.
Suits today are cheap and made from al sort of materials. The most basics are made out of cotton but the real deal are the suits made out of slim wool. They look stunning, feel light and are extremely comfortable.
The only thing I look when buying a set is how it holds on my shoulders. It needs to fit perfectly from the neck down to the shoulders and at the same time I have to be able to cross my arms with out that feeling of ripping the back of the jacket.

But then the rest of the jacket is too long now? The sleeves covers up half my hand and the end of the jacket is covering my butt. It’s ok, right?
No it’s not ok but the tailor is your best friend and he\she is here to help.
My personal tailor is an Italian woman who owns a family business in this sector. I go to her because this job is her life and also to support the local shops but mostly because this person does her work with passion.
First thing to do is to trim the sleeves and be careful here because the sleeve of the jacket has to be shorter than the sleeves of the shirt you have under your jacket. I have no idea why this fashion but it has been like this for ever and if you look at 47 you can see his suit has the same style.
Besides in Absolution. That was a different approach but it still looks good.
Important thing anyway is that the sleeve of the jacket doesn’t cover or touch your palm it has to stay at least right above your wrist.

Now the bottom of the jacket is also a little bit too long and that is not good. Your tailor will have to trim that part to recreate the same shape your jacket had when you bought it.
Don’t worry they can do that easily.
I really can’t say how short it has to be I prefer mine covering my bottom almost entirely.
After doing all this the last thing to work on are the pants. Just ask your tailor to make them look good on you and let him or her do their work and take that decision for you. Usually I’ll go for a slim feeling on the legs but not too much.
In conclusion after all the adjustments you have to look like this

Gloves: 47 does not wear winter gloves keep that in mind.
The gloves you see on 47 are quite slim so you don’t lose that sense when touching things. In fact the only type of gloves that should interest you are called Driving Gloves.
They are slim, can be worn even in summer for driving because they have holes on the palm to make your hands breathe and they feel as if you have a second skin.
You can find them in all sort of designs with the holes in the knuckles, a huge hole in the middle or covering your hand entirely.
I for example really love the ones from Absolution and they become my personal choice.

And this is it.
I realized that 47’s suits fashion goes by what is trending in the year when the game is released.
If you look back you can also compare with what it was trending back then like the shirt and the tie with strips. Today they look outdated but in 2006 and prior it was quite standard.

But I merely adopted this style. I learned the right fashion for suits only by studying 47’s appearance and copying him.
I want you to meet @RotaryOliver the man who was born in a suit, modeled by it. He hasn’t seen a pair of jeans till he was already a man, by then it was nothing to him but casual dressing.
Take a look at another topic and posts we made not so long ago about how to properly wear a suit:


this is the perfect topic for those who want to dress up as 47 for halloween or a gaming convention :slight_smile:

i went as 47 for halloween once. i was going for the 2016 signature suit, and was trying to be as accurate as possible. i made sure that the tie wasn’t just any red tie, it was the right shade. “it’s burgundy, right?” i also find that shaving your head as late as possible for the event helps too. it keeps your head as bald as possible.

unfortunately my dress shoes were pretty uncomfortable (even though they were closest to the 2016 suit that i could find). you are right, it can be difficult to be comfortable in a suit while looking good. also, my jacket’s sleeves were too long, because they don’t really show the dress shirt underneath. i did like the classic gloves though

i got a temporary tattoo. it wasn’t totally accurate to 2016 47, but i thought it was fine because 47’s barcode changes in appearance in every game. i wanted to go all in and wear blue contact lenses, but my eyes were too sensitive and i couldn’t put them on


despite all these flaws, this is still my best halloween costume.

if you go as 47 for halloween and put a serious look on your face as 47 always does, expect to turn some heads!


How did you make the tattoo? I contacted a company before the pandemic that are specialized in temporary tattoos.
But I had to let go that idea. It still seems very plausible and I will dig into it a little bit more another time.


@badeaguard wow this is very useful to me

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Thank you bro! Appreciate the mention and kind words at the end :wink:
Still rocking the suit style. And you do it really well too!

You on the other hand, have the tools of 47 where I simply have the outfit.


Heyyy long time no see. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a fashion thread if I didn’t involve you.

I have in mind to buy a new suit. Something a bit slimmer than usual just for the cosplay. Shirt included but I will have to put that on hold for some months at least.
In the meanwhile I’m getting very lean :grin: