Guilty Pleasures

This thread is inspired by the songs you love but are afraid to admit thread. If you have a song that is a guilty pleasure I’d suggest posting it here.

However, it is your choice as this thread is for ANYTHING.

Adam Sandler movies (not the new ones though)

The Mortal Kombat movie.

The Star Wars prequels - especially Revenge of the Sith.

Not sure if this counts because it was in the past but when I was a little kid I used to love torturing worms.

Drowning them in water, splitting them in half, tying them together.

I look back and feel so damn guilty about it, I was such an asshole and I wish I didn’t do that shit.

Perving at Mads Mikkelsen is all I can come up with right now, let me think on it.

Master baiting.

I shit in the women bathroom at work. I even started my bad habit at the new job too. My logic is this: I prefer to put my ass where a woman put it instead where a hairy ass man sited


Hope you don’t get caught, might land yourself in trouble.

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Weird logic, I wouldn’t sit on any toilet seat unless it’s at family/friend’s house. I always place toilet paper on the seat, even if I did shit in women’s bathroom, I’d still do it.


I can use only one time the card “WHAT!? I’m really sorry but its late night and I didn’t notice”

@borek921 I do the same by putting toilet paper but in public bathrooms. Late at night there is no one around at my work so I have plenty of liberties

Watching considerable amounts of mainly gay furry porn involving bondage counts as guilty pleasure?

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Do you feel guilty afterwards?

Sometimes, specially because now I carry a fair amount of NSFW pics on my cellphone.

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Using cheat console on Contracts.
After getting my cover blown multiple times on same level
and for example Rotterdam bikers knowing where I am through the walls and floors.
I put God mode and Invisible on…
…And strangle every single character on their spot :laughing:

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