"Gut Feeling" feat not working?

I just poisoned the Constant four times. The first was the drink overlooking the money-burning pit with rat poison. Then injecting him after talking to him as the Kronstadt engineer. Following that with rat poison in his bit of the castle (where the butler is) as part of that story. Following that getting him up to the council chambers by triggering the Jebediah Block mission. He went off and was sick four times. There was no counter like other feats. The feat did not “pop” at the end. Does anyone know how to do this or if it is broken? Is it three times with the wine shown in the feat picture?

Worked for me only on second try…

Apparently this challenge doesn’t pop if you load a save game at all.

Thanks for that.

I did just get it and didn’t reload whereas I did on the earlier attempt. I poisoned the cup overlooking the money-burning pit three times in a row with rat poison. The first time he went off, was sick, immediately came back for the second go, I had the third rat poison ready but he didn’t come straight back for that so I went off to get the Master of Ceremonies disguise to see if that prompted it. I got into the room with that guy but at that point the achievement appeared so maybe the Constant just went back to the same glass without the prompt anyway.

The reloading thing makes me wonder if the one where you have to spook one of the twins while dressed as Janus is affected by the rather broad reloading-bug problem.

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Easiest method is poisoning the glass of white wine at the balcony overlooking the fire pit ceremony. Just grab an event staff disguise, get rat poison and poison the cup 3x. I did it without loading a saved game and the challenge pop up for me after it was completed. You have be within the vicinity of the area for the Constant to come each time to drink from the cup.

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