Guys, let's make challenges in Codename 47

List out your challenges (like in Absolution that we can complete in Hitman C 47…

It’d be fun. And maybe there might be more creative opportunities in this original game…

Here are some of my own:

Kowloon Triads in Gang War:

  • Park is not closed: Kill everyone in the park.

  • A long way down: Kill the helicopter guy.

Ambush at Wang Fou Restaurant:

  • There’s a bullet for every blue: Kill each Blue Lotus members with each sniper bullet

  • Caboom: Carbomb

Massacre at Cheng Chau Fish resaurant:

  • Cooks hate crooks : disguise as the cook and kill all three

Lee Hong Assassination

  • Master Chef Poisonous: Poison Lee Hong’s food

  • Silent Power vacuum: Kill Lee Hong without raising alarm

  • Even he has a soft spot for patriots: Rescue Agent Smith without detection.

Get silent assassin in a level and you shall be granted 1 billion dollars.


This is pretty pointless imo. As much as i like Codename 47 it’s not even nearly as flexible as its successors so challenges that would work are pretty difficult to come up with. PS: I don’t think many people play this anymore since most older fans started with SA.

I don’t think anyone will actually care, but here’s a few challenges anyway:

  • Assassinate Lee Hong with an R93 sniper rifle. Don’t bring one to the mission though - you have to use either the one from the basement (you know, the one that is laid out like a maze and patrolled by hundreds of guards) or the barracks. And don’t alert any of the guards - not until you take the shot at least. You’re free to kill anyone you want to though.

  • Kill both Lee Hong and Tzun with either the fiber wire or the knife without alerting anybody. You’re allowed to kill guards, just don’t use any firearms.

Complete “Say Hello to my little Friend” without crashing the Game when you blow up the Lab :wink:


I already did. Didn’t crash…

C47 is an absolute classic. Every hitman fan should try to play at least a few levels of it.


Kill stealthy every guard in Say Hello to My Little Friend. I tried to do it once :slight_smile:

That’s actually kind of my go-to method of taking out Pablo: assassinate every guard in his manor before you have a one-on-one with the actual target. Yeah, the sniper is the other solution, but if you don’t have it, I find that taking out everyone in his house one by one before-hand is worth it.

My long time method was to kill every patrolling guard around compound and in towers. I always tried to kill maximum 5 guards at once (if there was no possibility to kill them one by one with knife), to not let alarm spread out on a whole map. At the end i went to the mansion and killed everyone with M60. Gameplay of this mission took me around 1 hour, but it was so satisfying. Basically i went like that with every mission back then, but i was 12, and C47 was my first Hitman game.
When H2 came out i was like WTF? What fuckin’ silent assassin? I always did complete carnage earlier :smiley:

A quick question:

Can you one shot kill Pablo without that trick ? While still using the R93 sniper ?

I think no. You can only run quickly behind him and garrotte him or cut his throat.

You can. You just need a head shot.


(Knife to meet you, brother) : "Kill all the 48 series clones with the Pentagon Knife

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Is it even possible?

  • Jiangshi: Kill Lee Hong wearing the vampire magican disguise.
  • Chupacabra: Kill Pablo Ochoa wearing the vampire magican disguise.
  • Count Orlok: Kill Frantz Fuchs wearing the vampire magican disguise.
  • Upyr: Kill Arkadij Jegorov wearing the vampire magican disguise.
  • King of the Vampires: Kill Dr. Ort-Meyer and all 48 series clones wearing the vampire magican disguise.

Game crashes at Restaurant Ambush mission . kindly tell me the solution .