H1 GOTY Legacy Pass problem

Hello, like many other Xbox users, the Hitman 1 GOTY Legacy pass was temporarily unavailable for me, despite owning 1 and the Legacy pack in 2. This was resolved eventually, a few months back.

With this latest update, it was unavailable again. Upon downloading the sloth DLC, it was fixed again… until a couple days later, when, upon completing the elusive target, I checked and it doesn’t work again. The complicated bit about this is that I got season 1 for free via the game-pass, but I unsubscribed to it a few months back and only re-subscribed a couple weeks ago.

I’m afraid to try and undownload and re-download it, considering I did the same thing with the Trinity Pack after an update and lost it all together. Is there any way to prevent me from spending £25 on content I’ve already owned and have 100%, preferably before the twin elusive target comes out? Thanks for reading.

I suggest you to submit a support ticket on HITMAN 3 Player Support Hub

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Have you tried going back to Hitman 2 and then going to the store section and reclaiming the Hitman 1 GOTY access pass for Hitman 3?

I had a similar issue with the Hitman 2 access pass and that fixed it for me.

Both the GOTY levels and Hitman 2 levels are unavailable for me as well since the recent update.

Thanks for the link, I just got a response:

My name is Adrian from the HITMAN 3 Player Support team. Thank you for reaching out to us!
We’re currently investigating the problem you’ve encountered. Similar reports from other players reached us as well. While I can’t offer you a solution yet, be assured that our developers are already looking into it.
I’ll change the status of this ticket to ‘on-hold’ for now. Once we understand the root of the issue, we’ll forward you the information here.
In the meantime, you can also keep an eye on our social media channels where we share all available updates as well.
I realize the inconvenience this situation poses, and I appreciate your patience while we continue investigating this.
All the best,
HITMAN 3 Player Support”

Hopefully, this should be resolved soon.

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Yeah I got the same one as well.

It seems to me a lot of the problem lies with Xbox. At least IOI are onto it that’s the main thing.

Got an email back a couple of days ago, telling me to power cycle the console. So I did, multiple times. Nothing happened. This is all probably linked to this specific Legacy Pass not counting as DLC for the base game on the Microsoft store, which it’s been since launch, so maybe they need to address that first, IDK.

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I had the same email. Ive just recently changed from Xbox One to Series X and the problem still occurred on the Series X. IOI player support said this was helpful to know and are still looking into the issue.

Hopefully it will be a fix as part of the next game update.

Another email came today, just saying the information’s being forwarded to the necessary people, and that I will be getting another email back as soon as there’s anything to share.
Something tells me this problem might not be fixed by the twentieth.

Oof, just got Patch 3.50 and nothing’s changed, despite this very issue being part of the patch notes. Does anyone else have the same issue?

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Yeah I have as well. Still not fixed yet.

I have sent feedback to IOI player support.

I just talked on the phone with Microsoft Support just in case and they told me, that the problem is with the developers and not the platform. No idea why when it is their store the one that is blocking the Legacy Pack Downloads…

Report the problem here :slightly_smiling_face: