H2 maps no longer accessible within Hitman 3

I haven’t played H3 on my Xbox for a bit and now when I wanted to play it again, all my H2 maps are not accessible anymore. It says I need to buy the access pass.

I’m on Xbox and I have H2 Gold on disc and H3 digitally. The H2 maps had been available to me a couple months ago. They suddenly aren’t anymore. I do however have access to the H2 bonus maps in NY and Maldives and have the access pass for those. But for the main H2 maps I don’t have the access pass anymore and I need to buy it for 60 euros.

I already tried installing H2 from my disc and checking the Manage Game screen to see if the access pass shows up. But no luck.

Anyone knows how I can get access to the maps?


If you submit the issue at the below link, IOI player support will look into it for you.


They’re really good and helped me get the Hitman (2016) levels back :slightly_smiling_face:


Or else you may also report the issue in the thread below: