H2 Members Review & Discussion Thread

Like other games in the series we have had a dedicated thread for user reviews and I see no reason to why it should be different this time around. This thread is not to be confused with the HITMAN 2 Reviews thread, that focus on reviews done by gaming news sites and youtube gaming sites.

The idea behind this thread is to give other members a view and insight into your overall impression of the game as a hole. What did you like, love, hate and what struck out to you when played the game.

I’ll follow up with my own review/impression of the game as a hole later on.


For me is exactly the same feeling I have with S1: I love it but also quite dislike it sometimes.

The new levels and the mechanics implemented are great and functional, specially the distractions that now work more fluid and the AI behaves accordingly. Love that mirrors are now more than a pretty way decoration.

What annoys me is that there still are many bugs and glitches (specially notable with the ever loved challenges like “Tuppance A Wish” or the one where Novikov and Margollis have to be killed in their safe room with a chandelier), plus many of the things that were announced like NPCs in the Enforcer category not being able to start detecting you while your back is turned to them or that many of the audio devices aren’t as effective as they used to. Not gonna elaborate in the “new unlocks” that are the MKII versions of the standard equipment. Also, sometimes the shooting feels clunky (not the case with sniper rifles).

Still having a blast with the game and what it has to offer but not gonna look away from all the issues that by now you’ll take as already being ironed and polished.


^This is exactly what put me off buying the game on release date. I am honestly annoyed seeing bug after bug being reported in the new bug report topic. I am surprised to see some pretty basic issues, that too in HITMAN original levels.

Of course, the game is awesome and offers tons of replayability owing to the great level designs and new mechanics in this installment. It’s just a question of time now, with patches coming in, and hopefully addressing the numerous issues being reported.


I seem to be luck when it comes to games, I have yet to experience bugs in H2. I wasn’t plagued by the server stability with H16, I didn’t experienced game breaking bugs with Batman Arkham Knight on PC. The last game where I experienced a lot of bugs was Batman Arkham Origins. But I do get why those who are on the short end of the stick hates these kind of things. I guess i’m lucky.


somebody can explain why are so many reviews in Steam talking about private data stealing?

I don’t agree to the privacy policy. If you read it carefully then you will notice that this game (plus their IOI website and your IOI account) is also used for targeted ads, tracking cookies, following you on social media and all that stuff.

It is not acceptable paying 60 bucks for a game just to give the permission of being followed and tracked and your data being used (sold) to 3rd parties. This is not about gathering general ‘game data’, accepting the policy goes beyond that. You give them permission to follow and track you and spam you with ads and if you use an IOI account then they will even use your real name, email, age and gender for targeted ads.

If you don’t agree to this policy then you can’t play online and thus you are locked out of portions of the game and won’t receive unlocks/upgrades etc. If you don’t agree you will have half a game.

For game publishers it is not enough anymore to simply sell a nice game and make profit from it… they want your data and sell that as well. You can decline it, but then you can not play the full game. I call that extortion.

Edit: Just to add, the EULA on the store page has no mention of this privacy policy and the restricions in the game it causes when you don’t accept that policy. So you first need to buy the game (or DL that ‘demo’) to be aware and know the existance of the policy you need to agree too in order to play the full game.

So it goes like this; 'this is our nice product, please buy it. Okay thank you for your purchase! And by the way now that you have bought it, you need to accept this policy (that we didn’t mention before) if you want to actually play the full game… '.

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Here is my own review of HITMAN 2 and it will contain SPOILERS

H2 have succeeded on many the same levels like it’s predecessor and overall a big upgrade compared to 2012’s Absolution. H2 and H16 are very similar games in terms of design and overall thoughts put into the game and it continues the plot points from H16. There was something about H16 that never really felt right with me, there was something lacking, something I found missing. It was the atmosphere, it was missing the underlying feeling of dread and the grim feeling you got from past game the more you explored the dark secrets of the missions.

I knew this wasn’t the case with H2 when I loaded up Nightcall and are meet with the gruesome sight of a dead couple in the NZ beach house, a much missed element. It made the world of 47 and his targets seems more dangerous, not everything was glamour and upper society. But if you looked closer into the shadows it became a world of murder, foul play. Luckily this trend continued on in all levels and gave the world something.

It’s nice to see that IO is confident enough in their level and mission strucktur to create smaller maps and not relying on doing bigger and “better” for every map. After H16 I feared that they would go with an Avengers approach and trying to overdo themself at every turn. Maps like ‘Another Life’ was a pleasant surprise and it showed that even smaller maps can still offer the same amount of creative freedom and being a lot more interesting then it’s larger counterparts.

The missions that impressed me the most have been ‘Finish Line’, ‘Another Life’, ‘Chasing A Ghost’ and ‘Night Shift’. But the level that stands the most out was ‘Chasing a Ghost’ even though the level was massive and almost maze to navigate, it was the one that draw me the most in, like a moth to a flame. It was refreshing to see IO spice things up with a unknown target and you have to undercover his identity to kill him, where the two other targets follows are more traditional approach. I love the fact that IO re-introduced secondary objectives, something I didn’t think really worked in H16. That it’s not just about killing a few people and head for an exit. It felt like the spiritual successor to Silent Assassin and Contracts that we didn’t get with HITMAN from 2016. Which in my opinion was the successor to Blood Money but without the atmosphere that I fell in love with from past games, but this time IO managed to pull on strength from all games, making it the closest version to what I want from a Hitman game.

When it comes to the story, I must say i’m fairly positive. I liked the story of H16 and it added some of my favorite character into the Universe, like The Constant and Subject 6. The Hitman plots have never been anything exceptional or A-Class writing, but I have for most parts always been able to appreciate it on it’s own level. One thing I feared would happen was the continuation of Diana Subplot from the comics, especially because it was so poorly written. That said I think the game managed to present and sell it better than the comic did, something I did like the idea about is where it leaves 47 and Diana’s relationship going forward, now where she is about to learn the truth about her parents death. Also to that note I wasn’t put off by the cutscenes like others was, it was not what I prefered or wished for. However I also understands that fully animated cutscenes might not been in the budget, luckily the still images beautiful done and still did their job.

There is however some plot point I want IO to explain that I think contradicts earlier games, like why don’t 47 seem to remember the Asylum. 47 should be able to remember the Asylum from the end of Codename 47 where he learns the truth about his origins. An explanation to this could simply be an oversight, it’s almost years old game series at this point. Even popular movies like Star Wars sometimes forget things, like Obi-wan not remembering his best friends two droids that followed them up and down all through the Clone Wars.

When did the fire happen? was it years before his escape? since subject 6 was believed to be dead and even regarded as a boy. When 47 escapes he was 35 years old, subjected 6 was believed to be dead in his younger years. Then it must mean that the fire happen many years before 47 escape and possibly been rebuild.

Overall I think the game is a solid 9/10 and I enjoyed every second of it.


After countless of hours spent on the game it is finally time for a honest review. I’ll simply share my opinion on a few aspects off the game and use some examples.


The story took an interesting turn right from the start where there are things I like and don’t like. I like how we got to know more about 47’s past, but I don’t know if it’s handeled the right way. Making Lucas Grey a accomplish wasn’t really what I was hoping for. During S1 it was heavily implied that Lucas ‘The Shadow Client’ Grey was the antagonist, but the completely turned that around in H2. The particular cutscene where 47 confronts Grey in the old facility and Grey pours his hearth out makes me cringe every time. His performance in the post mission cutscenes of Paris, Sapienza and Colorado are completely overshadowed by this very weird bromance thing that seems to be going on. Then there’s the ridicilous ‘anti-amnesia injection’ part where 47 remembers everything from his youth all the sudden. That’s not really the way I hoped we would explore 47’s past. By the end of S1 The Constant offered us a deal to take Grey’s militia out in exchange for info on 47. Afair we didn’t get one single bit of info from him during the partnership we had with him. The story get’s interesting starting from Another Life for me. We’re finally diving into the heart of the mysterious Providence and things start to get weird. I think they kinda saved it with the expansion pass missions (NY, Maldives). That post Maldives cutscene finally made things interesting again, since it suggests that maybe Lucas Grey is indeed still the bad guy from S1. We’ll see. I’m also really excited for The Constants role in this since I saw the H3 announcement. He seems so confident and full of himself that he must be planning something big.

Apart from this, I’m not sure where IOI’s amaing at with that whole ‘47 killed Diana’s parents’ bit. Seems kinda pointless to me but whatever. I guess it’s the comics’ fault that this stuff is in the game. The only thing this could be used for is to turn Diana against 47 but that would be a Absolution-like scenario imo. I hope it isn’t gonna be a bigger part of H3’s story.


The locations were strong on this one. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible:

Hawke’s Bay: Not my favorite. It has a interesting vibe and the gameplay on this map is good for what it has to offer, but it feels more like filler content since it could be handeled better. If the house was bigger and it was located somewhere higher up in the dunes, with more stuff around, it would’ve been better. 5/10

Miami: fantastic map. Lots of gameplay opportunities, interesting kill and a well executed concept of a mission during a F1 event. It’s on par with Paris’ fashion show, although that one remains my favorite. Only thing that I despise is how much it got shown before launch. It kinda spoiled the whole thing. Never the less, it remains outstanding. 8,5/10

Colombia: my favorite map regarding storytelling. Not per se am I obsessed with everything that relates to Fernando Delgado, but the way it is told through suble details is very nice. I was also hoping for a map centered around a drug cartel, and I was not disappointed. The feeling you get when sneaking around the coca field is very special. I like. 7,5/10

Mumbai: It’s very good gameplay wise but way too big imo. First time playing it felt very claustrophobic and uncomfortable. I know my what to do to get to job done by now but I still think it’s too big to have a satisfying gameplay experience. There shouldn’t be bigger maps than this, since it’s basically pointless. 6,5/10

Whittleton Creek: Small but beautiful. Obviously made for nostalgic fanboys of BM’s A New Life. It is very different though which is actually good. Almost each house is accesible and has something to offer. The lack of unique kills does bother me a bit, but not to much. The only downside to this mission are the required clues you have to find. Every. Single. Time. Tbf 99% of the time I play this one I kill the targets and then just quit. Nice level with great storytelling, but lame clues. 7,5/10

Isle of Sgail: Certainly a special map but can’t say I like it that much. It tries to combine elements of Beldingford Manor and Dance with the Devil together but fails miserably at it, imo. The maps feels a little dull for me with all the dark brick environments are boring interiour. It is very special in terms of climbing though, which has it’s benefits, but the rest of the maps doesn’t really interest me. It’s too crowded and takes away the mysterious aspect it could (and should) have gotten. The Constant walking around doesn’t make it more interesting to me since he doesn’t add much to the level. 6/10

New York: Exellent little map to add more to the story. I like the cold vibe of the map and how it is represented in every part of the level. Also probs to IOI how they handeled the side objective with 2 possibilities: databreach from the vault of data disk from target and 2 guys. There isn’t much more to say besides it’s very well executed and great element as part of the whole thing. 7/10

Maldives: A dream come true. This is the kind of level I want in a hitman game. Tropical, rich, colourfull, relaxing, enjoyable. The layout is well done and gameplay wise it has much to offer both for the story mission as for contracts mode. This is one of those maps you return to simply to mess around. And it has some nice quiet spots which a lot of maps lack. I like. 9/10


I really liked the targets in Hitman 2. I’ll mention a few of the memorable ones to keep make my opinion clear in short

Sierra Knox: fantastic to have a target moving around in a vehicle and actually being able to kill her in that same vehicle. Very good decision to make the race end and get her out of the car to reveal some more kill possibilities. Very refreshing and interesting for gameplay
Rico Delgado: the man to carry the Delgado legacy. Love him or hate him but he lifted the cartel’s drug empire to an whole other level. Nice how he is so hurt by the loss of his uncle and the way he honours him. Plus the cars, jewelry, his plastic wife, all the gold shit and to top it off: my little Mijo. Classic drug kingpin shit. Kill opportunities where fine AF on this guy. All of them were on par of how cool they were. Very nicely done.
Janus: classic grumpy old man character with a very well executed background story about the KGB stuff. Back when the game was released my grandfather had just passed away and Janus reminded me off him. It actually hurt to kill him with the pillow. The clues, although not good, also reveal some interesting stuff about him. I love Janus as a target.
Athena Savalas: stone cold character that fits the role of a bank CEO 100%. A hag like woman with a ruthless character. Her comments about everyone below her makes her very believable. Although her route isn’t that fantastic, I still like her as a target.
Tyson Williams: finally a more ‘nasty’ target. His fat, scabby body and his tyrant-like character make him so easy to hate, yet those are the reasons I love him so much. It’s so satisfying to kill a dude like this in a (ironically) beautiful place like Haven Island. Imo the game needed a dude like this.

Special mention: Washington Twins. My least favorite targets of the game. Their personality doesn’t go any further than being ‘bad black bitches’. The kills are cool but that’s about it. They also don’t fit into the level.


Basically the same as S1 so I’m used to the way it works. It was a pity at the start that progress transfer wasn’t a thing but once I got everything unlocked again I didn’t care anymore. I’m happy that it is confirmed in H3. I do however have some critical feedback on some challenges: the classic challenges are worth it if you’re going for the all black suit and maybe the briefcase, but the lockpick and coins really aren’t worth the grind. Challenges like complete 10 escalations to unlock x unlock feel like a chore but they’ll unlock eventually once you play the game enough. But the one thing I really despise is the Siberia grind for the arctic dragunov sniper. It’s ridicilous how long you have to play to get this thing. I already gave up.


Lighting in Hitman 2 and Legacy maps is a sensitive topic to talk about. I think the introduction of bloom and lens flares is unnecessary. Lens flares worked in most of the maps but the bloom completely fucks the gameplay experience up. Example: Miami and Whittleton Creek. Then it was implemented into the Legacy maps and well, it didn’t turn out well for half of the maps. The experience of playing Sapienza is almost completely ruined for me. I’m one of the few who prefers the 2016 version over any of the later ones. Paris and Colorado also didn’t turn out that well. Both to orange, which makes the whole map (incl interiours) look orange. A huge waste. I must admit that Marrakesh, Bangkok and Hokkaido look better than ever before. I don’t wanna sound too negative but lighting in some of these maps needs some hard work. And luckily IOI’s knows it.


It has been mentioned countless of times that the game is still full of bugs and isn’t polished to say the least. IOI stopping with updating the game was thorn in the eye for many of us. S1 was very polished, H2 very messy. Tbh there is only one bug which completely ruins the whole game for me and that is the bug in the video below. No matter what I do, the game keeps moving the camera up by itself. I can’t properly focus on something. I can’t aim without trouble. Sniping is a disaster. It simply isn’t relaxing to play sometimes. Rather frustrating and annoying.


I haven’t encountered any other mayor bugs apart from the one’s at launch (homing briefcase) so I guess that’s a good sign. There are others who do have. I really hope IOI doesn’t go down the same path with H3, since that would be very unprofessional.


Some of the new unlocks are very usefull and/or fun to use. Dartgun, RFID explosive, tripwire explosive, emetic grenades, remote tasers and the best of them all: the briefcase. I really appreciate IOI for bringing this beauty back to us (still waiting for that unpacking animation though). Also cool, realistic new guns like the uzi, ak47, dragunov sniper and sawn-off shotgun. Hopefully more real life guns like this in H3!

The downside of new unlocks is that a shitload of 'em are reskins. Explosive, melee or pistol reskins. That’s not really necessary is it? I mean I didn’t even unlock some of the items on purpose because I don’t want another reskin in my inventory. 40% of the unlocks is great, the others are meh or shit. No offense but get a little more creative IOI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to finish this story with a few minor things:

  • The neon colors in the HUD make the game look unprofessional
  • Sapienza lighting and skybox, along with various other maps, need to be fixed asap in the H3 legacy pack
  • More efficient post launch support to fix bugs and add some unique items every now and then
  • Categorization of the suits menu just like you did with weapons
  • No more Bangkok’s, Colorado’s or Hawke’s Bay’s anymore. Please.
  • More irl guns
  • Updating accents in S1 Legacy maps, along with cutscenes
  • Please be more clear in your marketing strategies. The whole ‘promote special assignments as missions’ fiasco was embarassing.

This is my review now. Thank you guys at IOI (@Travis_IOI, @Clemens_IOI and the rest) for the amazing experience, and keep up the good work!


It’s a 9/10 experience, but a 7/10 game. It’s very buggy, unpolished, unclean, etc. Where Hitman 2016, which I would describe as a 9/10 game but 7/10 experience, didn’t have that.

Love the mission design for the most part, way better than 2016. However I do think H3 could do better with not using the whole map like 2 did. I want new places to explore for bonus missions and Contracts mode, rather than going “oh I’ve been here in the main mission before.”

UI could use an update, icons like objectives and such aren’t using the right image. Sometimes you can turn stuff off like the map and then that also turns off whether you’re compromised or not.

The game feels like it had great ambition but got cut off after release. 6 Elusives, no bonus missions where some maps really needed them, only a fraction of the old escalations returned, it’s been three years and The Author among others still aren’t a part of Contracts mode.

Frankly I hope this was just the product of the dev drama and Hitman 3 will knock H1+2 out of the park in both regards.


As stated in my very much detailed Review , HITMAN™ 2 is an interesting sequel showing the potential of the franchise evolving into the next-gen.

However despite lots of qualities like an outstanding level design and graphics, enhanced crowd and mechanics, a thrilling story, there is also a non forgettable part of bugs, crashes and game randomness/instability that ruin the overall experience.

Therefore, this is a game we want to appreciate, but there’s so much things left behind (huge backlog, unpolished feeling, still cinematics, unfixed things) that we can’t afford to appreciate that much because it hurts.

It remains a fun game to play from time to time but HITMAN™ (2016) remains a stronger game in my opinion.

I really hope that they will bring us a much more complete experience with HITMAN™ 3.

Final Rating: 15/20

If you want more details, enjoy the Review which goes much deeper on all points, featuring some suggestions about how to improve the next games :+1:


Because people are idiots, they’ve mistaken the policy of the optional IOI Account as being the same as the policy of the actual game. The video game can’t magically track your internet browser data -_-

My theory is someone made a post in some sort of forum or subreddit about the game, got everything completely wrong, and told people to flood the review page about it

Can’t be a coincidence that those ‘reviews’ don’t allow comments, so people can’t say “Uhhh no, wtf are you on about?”


seeing as they ran out of money during development and had to pay SUMO after the game released, i would say that’s very much the reason :laughing:

and i hope so too. i really hope they’ve preplanned well and havent had to do any descoping during development. if they’ve done that, then i have no doubt H3 will be much better than 2016 and H2.


Comments in general are what drive the Steam forums to think this way. You’re right that people are easily mistaken but not that comments are sufficient enough for a fair review of the game. That, and the fact that there’s no moderation involved, makes it clear that the Steam forums are as bad as any sort of forum that falls into some sort of that mentality.

Posts made by people not particularly active in the Steam forums are enough for it to be at least passable in quality, which tbh I’m not sure why they even bother.

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