H3 Escalations Progress

There’s a lot of threads about various progression transfer issues but I feel that there should be one dedicated to the escalations.

I spent two solid days completing my escalations (all XP rewards) pre-launch, only for them to be reset again in H3.

If IOI aren’t going to transfer them, then why don’t they remove the feats for them? It’s irritating that I have to complete them all again just to get things back to 100%. They can be incredibly tedious, due to repetition, the first time that you do them, but to have to do them twice, or even thrice if you include H1, is a slap in the face. Yes, we get the unlocks transferred, but that’s beside the point. I’ve also just had to spend several hours getting SA on the Sniper Assassin maps again, just to get my trophies back. Not to mention the ICA facility trophies.

It may seem petty, but it’s really demoralising to players when they’ve worked hard to achieve something, just for it to be reset with no justification.


i completely agree and don’t see why wouldn’t they transfer that in the first place


I know that you’re all busy fixing other issues with a far higher priority, but I’ve also just noticed that ‘Track 1’ counts towards H2 progress, and ‘Track 2’ counts towards H1 progress. That means that H1 is never shown as 100%, as well as H2, unless you complete both. At a minimum, these should be completed for those that did all of the escalations in H1 and H2.
Is there a reason why we’re being made to do all of the escalations again?

I lost the Special Halloween Escalation for Hawkes Bay

Not saying this to belittle your issue at all, but I think the vast majority only cared about the unlocks and companies rarely pay much attention to small number of people who 100% things and need the menus to show that and whatnot. It’s just always been a thing companies put at the bottom of the pile, in my experience.

I know you probably want to see that 100% completion ASAP, but redoing the escalations and 100%ing the maps could be a long-term thing you do here and there while the new content comes out. That way you don’t get frustrated. :slightly_smiling_face: