H3 for real or rumor

Has there even been official word of a Hitman 3 or season 3 at all (official)?

Yes, @Travis_IOI did say that the development is well underway and that December will be the final month of major content for HITMAN 2 so that they can pull developers from HITMAN 2 and put them on HITMAN 3. HITMAN 3 is confirmed to be on the way, but as for a release date and or year of expected release that has yet to be announced.


Since IO have officially talked about working on H3, I would not call it a rumour.


Hitman 3 isnt a Rumor, it came out back in 2004 and is called Hitman Contracts. But from what I’ve heard is Hitman 8 in development now.


Oh you mean the C47 remaster?

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It’s been known for a long time that a we’d get trilogy ever since David Bateson said that it’s gonna be a trilogy.
If you haven’t watched the Noclip documentary yet then you should. Hakan talks about having one game with 20+ locations. And he also said that it’s a trilogy Which also confirms that there will be a season 3.

Here is part 1 out of 4 episodes.

In 34:40 Hakan mentions that it’s a trilogy.

In 35:10 he mentions that it’ gonna be one game with all locations starting from Paris to the last location in Hitnan 3 with 20+ locations

And like others have said, Travis has mentioned the next Hitman game multiple times on IO Monthly.


You mean Hitman 2.5? because that what is basically is. It went into development after they begun creating Blood Money, since IO realised that they need to explain why someone was hunting 47 and trying to take the ICA down.


I thought it was because they needed another game out ASAP?

The reasons are probably many, Contracts was created in a very short time frame.

I think it’s fair to expect that Hitman 3 will release in 2020, probably somewhat early now that there isn’t the roadblock of the square separation. Even with this obstacle, Hitman 2 came out two years after 2016 so it’s fair to think that something similar or earlier will happen with Hitman 3, especially since they’re saying development is well under way.

Well I know it was created in a very short time. From what I know IO was told to get another game out since BM was gonna be a bit and and SA was successful game.

Their new IP in 2020 as a next gen launch title , then HITMAN 3 in 2021 is my bet

Nah. I see it being the other way around and H3 will release in late-2020.

I’d imagine that they would want to bang H3 out while the PS5/Xbox Two is still literally brand new - that way they can justify not bringing the game to the next-gen consoles to avoid having to overcome various challenges that switching to the new platforms could introduce - like carrying over progress, trophies/achievements etc.

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What do you mean “not bringing”? Lol HITMAN 3 will 100% be on PS5/Xbox 2 when it releases lol

100%? So I assume there is a source for this then?

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Aha, so that’s the reason why it was so bad…

… do you honestly believe that Warner Bros will publish this without cashing in on the easy launch window money ? Lmao. This is not a time where each console has super specific hardware or anything. Ports arent hard. Yes, it will be on next gen.

Btw, there is no “challenge” left for them to carry progress and achievements. They already have the exact things they need since HITMAN 2016 launched (the Square Enix/ Now IOI account)

It’s simple logic.

No studio would rush out to release a game before the death of current gen. No one would buy the game then.

While on the contrary, a lot of people would buy a game if it was available on new gen straight from the launch.

Lol I HAVE TO disagree there… I mean it’s more than obvious the state of the industry right now. Games are being crapped out like a kid with a runny nose. What better franchise to use as an example: CALL OF DUTY by all powerful & corrupt ACTIVISION. Sadly I also have to recommend my own favorite title: BATTLEFIELD by ea (I kno I kno to hell with EA). Want it to change? Avoid any and ALL additional DLC that isn’t free and don’t play the popular multiplayer titles until companies back off their extra monetization scams (which will be remedied soon enough in 2020 at this rate)

20 years ago you’d be correct. But ever since live services became the norm, every single title has succumbed to greed/corruption. Always claiming the rush is due to shareholders (mmmhnmmmm okay)

The biggest problem with releasing the next game on both PS4/Xbox One and PS5/Xbox Two is that they’re going to doubling the costs to release patches - which for a game that gets patched monthly is going to be a huge cost.

Sony and Microsoft both charge a crazy amount to release a single patch, and if the game launches in either 2020/2021 the userbase on the then-new gen is going to be much smaller meaning that the game is going to have to sell to a huge portion of that userbase before they break even releasing the game on that single platform. With a series like Hitman which is a niche product, that is a huge ask to achieve.

Leaving it on PS4 and Xbox One cuts costs in half and is going to make it much easier for the project to be financially successful.

Getting it out sooner rather than later allows them to take advantage of that first year window where people are upgrading their consoles, but are still actively playing on the older generation console at the same time. It allows them to maximise profits (as stated above) and still sell to the roughly the same number they would sell anyway even if it wasn’t released during the transitional period.