Half Life Franchise

So, I’ve been playing Half Life 2 as of recently and I noticed that the forum didn’t have a thread dedicated to the series and so hey here we are let’s talk about Half Life.

For me I’ve known about Half Life 2 since my father brought it home for him to play back when I was just a little boy that was my earliest memory when it comes to Half Life, but around the time The Orange Box released was when I got more familiar with it. I played the beginning of HL2 alot as a kid, when I mean alot I really mean it with me stopping after Red Letter Day. Ravenholm scared the shit out of me and so I didn’t really make progress. This would cycle up until recently in which I bought The Half Life games for a cheap price on PC and went from there. After a couple days I managed to make alot of progress in which I am now in Nova Prospeck. I must confess I didn’t realize why people find this series so important until recently. The world building they do along with you assuming the role as “The Free Man” or Gordon Freeman without a voice or personality you become him truly.

I love the soundtrack that Kelly Bailey did, it IMO is up there with Jesper Kyd and Harry Gregson Williams. Something about hearing these simply help build the world that feels Orwellian.

My experience is truly endearing throughout my first actual play through of HL2 and I look forward to The Episodes and Alyx in the future!

Two days ago I tried to buy Half Life 1 for Ps2 from a guy who was selling it on Marketplace of Facebook. But It was not original and not working. I’ll buy from Amazon. I want to play also Half Life 2 for the first time

I haven’t played the Half Life games but I think it’s cool that you guys first experienced it as kids. I hear it has a good plot, but I’m not really into the survival horror aspect of it. I am interested in the mysterious G-Man though!

I wouldn’t say it’s survival horror since Ravenholm though it is meant to have a horror tone to it it’s a small portion of the world revolving around the HL Universe.

I got two words for ya; “Head…crab.”

poke it with a crowbar they die instantly.

But they jump, man! How can you live with yourself, knowing they exist in some form! It’s always worse when the game is in 1st person view too because the lack of immediate spatial awareness means NPCs startle me even when it’s a non-spooky game :smile:

life is in firstperson, I can jump, the people around you are NPC, i can make strange sounds with my voice. life is a simulation this is a game we don’t exist.

That may be, but do they ever explain who the G-Man is?