Hantu Port ACCESS on PS4

I purchased the pre-sale Gold Edition (digital), and also own the full original Hitman game, I finally figured out how to download the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 thru the Original Hitman. Since I own the “Expansion Pass” as I own Gold Edition; have tried going thru the game and it keeps telling me buy the expansion pass. I got and search the PS store by itself and search for the Hantu Port, it says it a level and can not be downloaded. I have contacted ioi via email, with screenshots, and no reply. Ever since they decided to give Hawkes Bay away for free, it seems to have screwed the paying customer.
Have some accountability ioi and answer your customers email!!!
I am growing more frustrated as I have read the forums and tried what has worked for others. Is there anyone that can shed some light on this problem?
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

I assume that you have already tried the “deactivate & reactivate console as primary PS4” method. And if that did not work, then sorry, I don’t know any more possible solving method. The only thing you may do is probably waiting for IOI’s reply.

I have not tried that;
Could you please walk me through how I would do that?

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Try some combination of restarting your PS4 and logging out & back in. It’s solved the problem every time for me.