Hantu Port not accessible please advise

Hello everyone I have the disc version of Hitman 2 and yesterday purchased the expansion pass.I went to PS store and manually downloaded the Hantu Port.Still whenever I enter the game it is not accessible.Deactivated and activated the console and even double clicked the Hantu Port from the library so it downloaded again 2 times.Still nothing!Please advise …thank you!

While I assume your console is connected to the internet, double check just in case. The sniper assasin mode needs wifi.

Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t help. It ran without a hitch for me, good luck

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You may try reactivate the console as your primary PS4. This seems helping users with similar issues.

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Thanks so much for the quick answers.I had mistaken the ‘’ deactivate and then activate the console as my primary PS4’’ with ‘‘deactivate and then activate the console’’.Did the ‘‘primary PS4’’ trick and it worked like a charm.Thanks again!Best forum ever :clap::+1: