Hantu Port not accessible

Hi everyone,

I’ve got the Hitman 2 disk edition. Today i have bought the expansion pack from the PlayStation store for £32.99. I have downloaded and installed the Hantu Port level. It’s all purchased and installed and yet I can’t access the level. When i try to do so it just says “get access” and takes me back to the PlayStation store.

I have emailed both WB and Sony, but no reply. Hoping someone here may have a solution.


People saying you should to search the Hantu Port manually in the store and download it manually from it’s page

Yeah it won’t either show up in “Your Add-ons” so you have to search for it manually in ps store to download.

As for the 3 packs , Executive Pack, Collectors Pack & Winter Sports Pack. You’ll find some of them in “Your Add-ons” and the rest you search for.

To find “Your Add-ons”;
Go to Library > Hitman 2 and scroll down.
(Right side)

Thanks for the quick reply guys. Yeah I’d seen that previous suggestion, but when you manually search for Hantu Port in the PS store it just comes up with one result - and when I click on that it says it is already installed.

I’ve also checked the add-ons list and it is showing in there as installed.

Still, I will delete the add-on that I’ve already installed and try again.

Hi guys,

I’ve solved it. Just had to deactivate and the activate the console as my primary PS4.

Hope this helps someone else.

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