Happy Birthday 47

Today is 47 birthday. For the new fans who doesn’t know this I suggest you this image bellow with info about 47 life in the Asylum published by IO Interactive in 2002 on the official Hitman 2 Silent Assassin webpage.
Old but gold I say



It would be nice if the future game there will be a mission, even a tutorial, placed during that period, the time at the Asylum, before the escape of C47

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Happy Birthday 47!!! I think we should throw him a suprise party!, or wait second i don’t think that is great idea to sneak up on 47. Oh well


It’s the big five zero, damn! And to think we first met him age 36 as a wee nipper assassin. They grow up so fast, these hired killers… :heart:


He’s changed so much!


We all know 47 and birthday parties are not a good combination :smile: :

Happy birthday 47!

Happy biirthdaayyyyyy to THE ORIGINAL ASSASSIN!!!

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I want to see more of 47s past explored, specifically the time at the asylum. Maybe even playing as 47 as a kid.


Happy Birthday Mr.47.

Happy birthday! Where’s the party? I want cake

Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite suspicious bald person!


Ok… Who booked 47 the sexy nun? Happy 50th

agreed be really nice to see his past experiences/training etc, Playing 47 as a kid may be a problem though as there was reference to this In the full disclosure app, IO explain kids and violent games are a big no no. but It certainly would be interesting to see flashbacks/playable areas of the asylum etc Perhaps In H6.

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Unbelievable. 50 years old and never looked so good. What a guy. Congrats my friend, looking forward to many more years and experiences in your company.


He has been produced as an adult in the basement of asylum. Who has composed these duck tales?

Not this again…IO-interactive have created these so called “duck tales”. There is nothing to support your theory regarding 47 being produced as an adult. But there is a lot of evidence against your claim. Which we can read about in Dr. Wolfgang Ort-Meyer’s journals.

I remember you said the exact same nonsense on the old forum.

Why do you keep insisting on feeding the troll?


really? where did they come from? let me guess …hmm …blood money and absolution? I also have pen and paper … going to write something about him.

there is the basement in the asylum aka meet your blother mission. There is a good lecture from the doctor at the beginning of the training level. Have you ever listened to it?

what is the birthday of 48? 10 of them

No it does not come from Blood Money or Absolution. Thought both Blood Money and Absolution states that 47 was created in a lab. These records come from the Hitman 2 Silent Assassin’s homepage. There is even an example of it in the first post. And 4th post in this thread on the old forum.

Okay?, so you are saying that ‘Meet your Brother’ is the traning level?, or are you just making a reference to ‘Meet your Brothers’. Well either way, neither in ‘Meet your Brother’ or the Traning level do they talk about that origin. Well if you can provide some Evidence for your claim. There is no real evidence for your postulate, but a lot against it.

in other words it has come after hitman codename 47.

I see the logic is something you have never been comfort with.