Happy birthday Diana!


On 12th September 1972 was born Diana Burnwood :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


uuuh… yay i guess?


Happy birthday my handler! :gift::birthday::balloon:

After all these years you still look on point.


Happy birthday @DianaBurnwood.


Not enough happy birthday to the ground


Hold on, where’s that first image from?


Yeah,I’ve never seen it before either


Reverse google says it’s made in Source Filmmaker. So, fan art using in game assets.


found it on google :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m actually glad she’s (physically) older than Agent 47 in game, always what I imagined her to be.


Wooo happy birthday!!


A bit late but Happy Birthday Diana! Both you and 47 are like a fine wine that mellows with age (one reason I don’t want a timeline reboot). :wink:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPrAUZx35xA Here’s some of the original Diana’s voice work to celebrate with.

I still think it’s cool that Diana’s voice actress was David Bateson’s theatre manager and they still act together every year.


Why didn’t these swedes hire her to voice Diana again?! She has an amazing voice and accent!


Which Swedes?


You mean Danes?



No, of course not. He means Claus Strandberg.


Happy 45th Birthday, Diana!!! :cake: :birthday:


“47, this is Diana from Agency. Your mission is to log onto my Amazon wishlist and get me that new lambswool scarf I’ve had my eye on. I will leave you to prepare.”


If only you know the true meaning behind these two words.