Happy birthday Diana!


What game was the first picture from?


No idea, found it on google


It’s not from one of the games, it’s fan art – I remember seeing it on Deviant Art before.


Let me say some words about this “character”.
Personally I don’t believe in her existence in the first place. All I know it is a nickname that was used by Ort-Meyer to communicate with 47. My guess is Diana is nothing else but a homophone of DNA. Burnwood is a combination of 2 words and refers to sexual activities most likely to jerking off. Why masturbation? Because in hc47 there is a monologue of the patient who promised to get 47 to rubber movies in exchange for his rubber duck. Rubber movies is a euphemism for porno. I bet devs spent many hours chafing their carrots during the production of hc47.
Let’s suppous she exists. Why do you praise her? She is a bloodthirsty bitch who deserves to die for her crimes. If she did not pull the trigger it does not mean her hands is clean.