Happy Birthday, Diana!




Long live Diana Burnwood! Happy Bday :slight_smile:


Yes! Diana is the GOAT!

She deserves her own topic.


This is THE Diana topic now. All Dianaposting goes here.


She’s just an ICA Handler so I don’t care very much her but she saved 47’s life so happy birthday Diana and stay away from any rubber ducks, especially the red ones :wink:


Somebody take this guy out, please.


Happy birthday to one of my fave characters – looking forward to seeing how IO continues to grow and develop her.


No, I’m not going anywhere!

Diana Burnwood is just an ICA Handler, deal with it.



Prepares Silverballer

I swear to god you will end up like Jordan Cross if you keep it up:


I’m working for ICA dude, if you even try to kill me ICA will kill you :wink:. (Just Kidding)

And Diana is my superior so please don’t tell her I’m talking bad about her, please :slight_smile:


Diana has already been informed, “Agent.”


Damn, she’s gonna kill me :worried:


@Epic47Sides I’m suspended for two weeks from ICA and I’ll be working without salary for three months :slightly_frowning_face: and Diana said “Never do this again unless you want to die”


I hope you’ve learned your lesson.
Don’t fuck with Diana.