Happy Birthday Hitman III!

It’s already been a year, and what an… interesting year it’s been! From the return of shoulder swap, requiem pack, preferences to puking in toilets, SA HUD improvements, the fortunate (or unfortunate) removal of map-piercing sniper rifles and more from the patches, seven new elusive targets, running across trains as cyborg ninjas, some crazy new escalations from the Seven Deadly Sins, the creepy and intriguing Berlin Egg Hunt, the beautiful Dartmoor Garden Show, the return of the Halloween and Winter content and dozens of challenging featured contracts by the community, IOI and more, there’s certainly been stuff to keep us busy.

No matter what our opinion of how this year has gone, we still must acknowledge and appreciate this ultimate way to play the World of Assassination trilogy that IO have been working tirelessly on for almost a decade at this point. Well done IOI for making the most successful game in the entire 20 year long series, and here’s to many more years of exciting content, as well as good luck on Project 007 and your other IP! :clinking_glasses: :man_bald: :3rd_place_medal:


Damn. Time flies when you have fun. Happy birthday Hitman 3!


Kinda unrelated but 2021 was all about me changing myself IRL and I gotta admit, playing and getting even better at hitman was honestly one of the few things that kept me going, even in my lowest times. and it still does.

Here’s to a hopefully great year 2 full of content that keeps me hyped like no other game! And to IOI’s further IPs! :clinking_glasses: