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Hi all,

I need hardware advice since I am looking to purchase a strong gaming pc without overspending. My main issue is monitor. I need to know which monitor is worth for my specs.

The specs I have are: 1. i7-10750H.
2. RTX 2070 SUPER with 8GB VRAM.
3. 1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD.
4. Strong cooling solution built into the gaming laptop.

Which of the following should I get:

  1. A good quality 60HZ monitor at 1080p. I will most likely have to use VSync all the time since my graphics card will easily produce more than 60fps at all times without breaking a sweat. Should I worry about micro-stuttering or stuttering? I am afraid this will be an issue.
  2. A good quality 144HZ monitor at 1080p. Modern games will not require VSync in this scenario since it is unlikely I will be getting consistent framerates that are greater 144hz. It will likely be slightly below and fluctuate depending on the load at times. Still, older games will require VSync since it will be easy to run them above the refresh rate of the monitor.
  3. A native G-Sync monitor at 1440p.
  4. A native FreeSync monitor at 1440p.

Would it be worth it to invest in either a FreeSync or GSync monitor? They are very expensive, but I am wondering if these monitors are worth it.

Thanks all and best wishes,

option 2 is probably best


Got also a 2080 Super and got an Asus ROG monitor (Swift PG278QR) with G-sync as main monitor and I’m very happy with it :woman_technologist:t2: I waited for a good offer on it on Amazon Warehouse but the quality was worth the wait. Image is crisp and I get high FPS.
I’m no expert just sharing my experience :raised_hands:

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If possible, you should go to a shop that sells computer monitors and compare different resolutions and refresh rate so you can find what’s right for you. If you can’t, like @cake941 said, option 2 is probably the best.

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Post your good quality 144HZ monitor at 1080p recommendations in this thread also pls :+1:

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